Christina Aguilera Is Setting a New Trend Wearing a PURSE as a Micro Skirt

3 months ago

Christina Aguilera has taken her super-daring style to a whole new level. The 42-year-old has set the internet on fire with her latest “purse” micro-mini skirt, which perfectly complemented her toned legs. We love how confident Christina is, and we’re curious if this look is something you would dare to try yourself.

Everyone loves her outfit.

The Genie in the Bottle singer recently posted on her Instagram a series of stunning photos featuring her bedazzled pink micro-skirt, which was inspired by the famous Hermès Birkin bag. The post was so popular that it gathered 100,000 likes in the first two hours alone. She accompanied the stunning snaps with the caption “Precious Goods,” along with a pink bow emoji.

She’s a true Fashion Icon.

Aguilera’s sparkly rose micro-skirt is designed by Chris Horan from his spring/summer 2024 collection. The bold outfit has a single rounded strap in the front, as well as two pockets, to make it look exactly like a purse. The singer chose a simple black short-sleeved shirt in order to balance her look and ensure that all eyes were on her unique skirt.

The star looked dressed to the nines and sported elegant black shades in one of the photos. She confidently showed off her long-manicured nails, which were pointy at the tip and had a wavy design. The fashionista finished her look with transparent heels that showcased her brightly yellow polished toes.

We can’t get enough of Christina, not only for her perfect style and undeniable talent but also for her vibrant and self-assured personality. And if you’d like to uncover some curious facts about this star, then this is a must-read for you.

Preview photo credit xtina / Instagram


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