Cindy Crawford Reveals the Unusual Yet Very Useful Way She Uses a Deck of Cards

6 months ago

The trick Cindy Crawford uses to keep her incredible physique might be helpful to you too. The 57-year-old supermodel has a simple yet unexpected item that makes all the difference in her workouts. We can’t wait to tell you what it is, as this life-changing detail will make your exercise routine way more exciting and fun.

If you enjoy a good session of Solitaire, you’re not alone.

Cindy Crawford mentioned her love for the card game as she shared a throwback workout video with her 7.4 million followers. In the caption for her post, she confessed that aside from playing, those cards serve another purpose for her. The model wrote, ’’Even though I love Solitaire, let’s put those playing cards to good use!’’

The video showed a younger Crawford in indoor and outdoor clips, doing her lunges while picking up playing cards off the floor.

She added, ’’Try these card lunges and squats that @kathykaehler taught me when I was trying to get back into shape after having my first kid.’’

Aside from the supermodel’s method, you can get even more creative with a deck of cards and add a fun twist to your workout routine by making it more exciting and interactive.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Assign a specific type of exercise to each of the 4 suits, like, for example, pull-ups to clubs, incline push-ups to spades, lunges to hearts, and hanging knee raises to diamonds.
  • Flip the cards over one at a time after shuffling them well, of course.
  • Do the corresponding exercise the number of times designated by the card’s number.
    Aces mean 11 reps and all face cards are equal to 10 reps.

Whether you’ve been inspired by Crawford to use a deck of cards for a good workout session, or you’re just planning on enjoying an entertaining game of cards to distract yourself, the choice is yours.

Either way, a deck of cards is always handy to carry around with us, and we love that it brings back heartwarming memories from the past. After all, before social media and modern technology existed, a simple card game was all we had to add a pinch of excitement to our day.

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