David Beckham Faces Backlash for Kissing and Hugging His Daughter —Parenting Expert Intervenes

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The latest photos of David Beckham and his daughter, Harper, has caused a lot of stir. Some people questioned the appropriateness of such public displays of affection, particularly as Harper, now 12, grows older.


Recently, David Beckham, the renowned former footballer, shared a moment of affection with his 12-year-old daughter, Harper, during a soccer match. However, the seemingly innocent display of paternal love has triggered a debate among fans again.


Some claim that Harper, at her age, may have outgrown the need for such obvious displays of affection from her father. This sentiment is not new for Beckham, who has previously faced backlash for publicly kissing Harper on the lips.

Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press/East News

One person wrote, “As sweet and innocent as it may be, it’s no longer appropriate anymore. Harper looks like a young woman now. Like empty nest syndrome, it’s a stage in kids growing up that parents have to accept in letting go of their children’s childhood phase.” Another added, “Definitely OTT with Harper... she’s 12 give her some space....”

However, the majority of fans wasn't so concerned. Someone commented, "Man loves his daughter and is tactile. What's strange is that people are suspicious of normal family and fatherly behavior these days. This kind of thing was always normal. There's nothing wrong with a father being tactile with his daughter, whatever her age."

Another person said, "I would have given anything to have had a close relationship with my father, let alone a warm, loving one like David has with his children."

Parenting experts don't see anything bad about such an open way of expressing affection. Dr. Victoria Khromova, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, stated that young children often struggle to differentiate between different forms of affection, including parental and romantic love. Consequently, a simple gesture such as a kiss may not hold the same connotations for a child as it does for adults.

Catcalling is an unwelcome intrusion many women face in public spaces. One of our readers experienced this firsthand during a casual evening stroll with her teenage daughter and husband. Their peaceful walk was abruptly disrupted by a group of men making suggestive comments, shattering the tranquility. Disturbingly, her husband didn’t see anything wrong with the behavior.

Preview photo credit davidbeckham / Instagram, CHRIS ARJOON/AFP/East News


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