Drew Barrymore Bathed in a Tub of Mac’n’Cheese and Sparked Controversy

5 months ago

Drew Barrymore is known for her love of food and culinary. We also can’t argue that she is just unapologetically fearless and spontaneous. And recently, the actress-host decided to take her love for her “favorite food on earth”, macaroni and cheese, to an entirely new level.

Revealing what brings her utmost joy in life.

The host of The Drew Barrymore Show immersed herself in a tub brimming with delectable cheesy noodles, which was featured in the latest edition of her magazine, DREW. In the issue titled “The Happy Place,” the renowned actress delved into the elements that make her happiest in life, encompassing her love for travel, her daughters Olive (10) and Frankie (9), and, naturally, one of her most cherished dishes: macaroni and cheese.

A series of photographs depict the actress donning a long white top adorned with vibrant scribbles as she reclines in the tub filled with the luscious pasta.

The lighthearted video footage accompanying the scenes captures Barrymore seated in the tub while her team generously pours panfuls of macaroni and cheese into the bath. A voice from behind the camera inquires, “Drew, are you living your dream?” To which the talk show host confidently responds, “I’m living my dream...I’m covered in a bath of actual macaroni and cheese.”

Bringing a fresh perspective to Kourtney Kardashian’s ’bathroom’ controversy.

Barrymore then disclosed that she is indulging in her preferred brand, Kraft Deluxe, while taking a bath. This revelation from the actress brings a fresh perspective to a controversy that arose in March when Kourtney Kardashian shared pictures of a bathroom feast on her Instagram account.

Among a collection of poolside photos and outfit snapshots, which featured the star flaunting a bedazzled velour jumpsuit with the word “Kardashian,” the 44-year-old founder of Poosh presented two images of a bathroom setting that left her followers with numerous inquiries.

A fact we probably didn’t know about Barrymore.

Beside being the acclaimed actress we all know, having her own TV show, having recently launched her own magazine, Barrymore has her own production company. Flower Films is a production company, founded by her and Nancy Juvonen, in 1995. Their company has produced many of Barrymore’s own hit movies, including Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels, and 50 First Dates. Flower Films is also currently producing her talk show.

Additionally, Barrymore has her own brand of cooking appliances, Beautiful By Drew. Interestingly, the actress even uses a special kitchen trick to bond with her 2 daughters.

Preview photo credit drewbarrymore / Instagram


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