Drew Barrymore Talked About Her 3 Failed Marriages and How Joyful It Is to Be Single

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The actress, model, and TV host, Drew Barrymore, opened up about not having serious relationships for 5 years now. Despite the controversial response to her decision and the constant urge to doubt it, Barrymore honestly revealed the reasons behind it, and they are full of self-respect, love, and dedication to her children.

Drew Barrymore’s personal life was always on display.

Listing all the different sects of the Hollywood industry Drew Barrymore once attempted to explore might cause us to lose our minds. She started her career at the age of 7, starring in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Later, Barrymore, while continuing her acting career, aspired to work as a model, producer, director, and TV host. And just like her nearly life-long career, her personal life has always been exposed to the public, and her most loyal fans probably can recall that the actress has been married 3 times.

She experienced 3 failed marriages.

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Her first marriage to Jeremy Thomas happened in 1995 when Barrymore was only 19. However, the marriage didn’t last long, and the couple split only 2 months after. In 2001, the actress got married for a second time, to her co-star, Tom Green. They met on the set of Charlie’s Angels, both starring in the film. But this marriage didn’t last long either, and in 2002, the couple divorced.

Around 10 years after, in 2012, Barrymore and Chanel heir Will Kopelman revealed they were getting married. This marriage gifted the couple 2 daughters, Olive and Frankie, but the marriage ended in 2016.

The last breakup was a difficult one for her.


The failure of the last marriage was the toughest for Barrymore. She “swore [the marriage with Will] was gonna work,” and when it didn’t, she needed some time to accept it. Barrymore needed to overcome “the loss of a nuclear family that I swore I would have for my daughters,” she said.

However, both of them left the marriage as friends. Barrymore is grateful for the relationships they preserved and is appreciative of Will’s current wife, Allie. Drew deemed herself “the president of her fan club” and said that Allie is “the greatest blessing I could have ever hoped for” for her daughters.

Today, she is enjoying her state of self-love.

Barrymore hasn’t been in any serious relationships for 5 years now. At the age of 47, she was mostly concerned about practicing self-respect and self-love. Entering relationships quite early in her life, she wished she had “the thoughtfulness that I do about intimacy” today.

“I wish I had been taught by my mother or my father or my friends that there is age appropriateness business and that there is a way to become a classy young woman,” Barrymore says. And now she has decided to take time to learn about it, for both her own sake and that of her children. “It’s like this natural progression, and I finally just now feel free,” she shares.

She wants to be an example for her daughters.

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The period of life she is in now, with her 2 daughters, is “the most sacred thing I’ve ever entered in my life,” she claims. And when people ever encouraged her to start dating, she responded that “it was not within” her. While she doesn’t rule out that she might want to step into a new relationship at some point, she says that “it simply hasn’t been my priority.”

Currently, she is contributing to her self-respect and self-love, and partially, it’s because of Olive and Frankie, her 2 daughters. She is concerned about the environment her daughters live in and wants to be a great example of a self-respecting, strong woman. “I am someone who is deeply committed to fostering how young girls, my daughters, and myself as a woman, are supposed to function in this world,” she says.

What do you think about Drew Barrymore’s decision to not be in any relationships right now?

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