Elon Musk Reveals Historic Leap As the First Ever Human Receives Brain Chip Implant

5 months ago

Elon Musk is making history once more, this time by reveling a groundbreaking moment as the first human receives a brain chip implant. Musk shares, “Initial results show promising neuron spike detection.” Let’s see what’s really happening.

He posted it on X.

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Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Neuralink, shared that they successfully implanted the first human with their brain-chip, and the person is doing well in recovery. This wasn’t unexpected because the US FDA had given Neuralink the green light in May to conduct the first human trial with their implant.

Musk, in a post on X the day after the surgery, mentioned that they’ve observed encouraging signals of neuron activity. Spikes refer to the activity of neurons, which are cells described by the National Institute of Health as using electrical and chemical signals to transmit information within the brain and to the body.

Elon Musk shared more details about this.

In tweets following discussions on video games and bantering with far-right influencers, Musk revealed that the first Neuralink product is named Telepathy.

He explained that it allows control of devices like phones or computers by just thinking, with the initial users being those who have lost the use of their limbs. Musk envisioned the potential for faster communication, citing the example of Stephen Hawking typing at remarkable speeds.

Neuralink’s successful human implant is a major development in brain-computer interfaces. Anne Vanhoestenberghe notes Neuralink’s entry into a small group of companies implanting devices in humans. While Elon Musk may announce testing updates, true success, Vanhoestenberghe emphasizes, should be measured in long-term stability and participant benefits.

The Prime study evaluates the safety of Neuralink’s wireless brain-computer interface. Neuralink faces fines for violating transportation rules, with details pending. Musk mentioned a new product, Blindsight, focusing on eyesight restoration.

Valued at $5 billion, Neuralink received FDA clearance for its first human trial last year. The trial, started in September, involves a robot surgically placing ultra-fine threads for brain signal transmission.


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It is amazing what Elon Musk can come up with. For someone like him, who gives action rather than lip service is what all men and women need to conquer. Thanks to Mr Musk. Wish I had even a pinch of his brain and it worked for me.


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