Eva Mendes Responds to Ryan Gosling’s Viral Critics Choice Awards Moment

5 months ago

Eva Mendes had the perfect response to her husband Ryan Gosling’s viral moment at the Critics Choice Awards. The actor, who won the award for Best Song for Barbie’s “I’m Just Ken,” became the subject of memes and GIFs due to his confused reaction during the ceremony in Los Angeles.

In Greta Gerwig’s comedy, Gosling, portraying Stereotypical Ken, sings the humorous and self-deprecating tune, complete with a choreographed dance alongside other Kens. When the song won over its competitors, including two other Barbie songs, Gosling appeared bewildered and somewhat annoyed, possibly not considering the track worthy of the honor.

Mendes shared a clip of Gosling’s viral moment expressing impostor syndrome on her Instagram, with a caption simply stating, “I LOVE HIM!!!!”

Other nominees in the Best Song category from the Barbie soundtrack included Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” and Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” The remaining nominees were Jack Black’s “Peaches” from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Lenny Kravitz’s “Road to Freedom” from Rustin, and Julia Michaels’ “This Wish” from Disney’s Wish.

During the Critics Choice ceremony, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, the writers of “I’m Just Ken,” took the stage to accept the award. Ronson acknowledged Gosling, saying, “Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours. You made the audience fall in love with this song with your matchless performance, so thank you.”

She always was rooting for Ken.

Mendes paid a special tribute to Gosling, by posting snaps of herself wearing a white t-shirt featuring Ryan in character as Ken from his upcoming movie Barbie. She captioned it, ’’Got that real big Kenergy. Coz girls is players too.’’

The post was shared with her over 4 million Instagram followers and gathered more than 190k likes to this date.

This is not the first time Eva has supported her partner’s much-anticipated film. Last summer, the actress opened up in an interview about a viral photo showing Gosling as Ken, noting, ’’It’s a funny photo, and he’s trying to be funny, so it worked on all levels.’’

She added that she asked him to have the underwear he was wearing in the photo, and humorously stated that she was wearing it during the interview.

Their love story began on a movie set.

Coleman-Rayner/EAST NEWS

The couple met in 2011, on the set of their movie The Place Beyond the Pines where they played a couple. And their on-screen romance quickly turned into reality as the pair were spotted kissing in Paris.

They became parents with the birth of their first daughter Esmeralda in 2014. Two years later, they welcomed their second baby girl, Amada.

But despite them both being Hollywood A-listers, their private life is often kept under wraps as Mendes once pointed out to a fan on Instagram: ’’My man and my kids are private."

His daughters’ hilarious reaction to his role.

Gosling recently shared his daughters’ surprising reactions when he told them he’ll be playing Ken.
The 42-year-old admitted, ’’They can’t for the life of them understand why I want to play Ken because nobody plays with Ken! But that’s why we must tell his story.’’

The star also talked about channeling his ’’Kenergy’’ in preparation for the role, explaining ’’I was living my life, and the next thing I knew, I was bleaching my hair and shaving my legs and rollerblading on Venice Beach.’’

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