Who Is Harry Styles Dating? Meet His New Girlfriend, Everything We Know About Relationship

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Many people are curious, Who Is Harry Styles Dating? But he has consistently maintained a high level of privacy regarding his romantic relationships. Since gaining fame with One Direction, Styles has been involved in several high-profile partnerships. Even in the early stages of his career, he grabbed headlines for his relationship with the late Caroline Flack. Shortly thereafter, paparazzi photos of Styles and Taylor Swift on a Central Park date went viral. Styles has also been associated with various Victoria’s Secret models, including Kendall Jenner and Camille Rowe.

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The “As It Was” singer was romantically involved with his Don’t Worry Darling co-star, Olivia Wilde, for almost two years following her public split from Jason Sudeikis. Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, Styles remained committed to keeping his personal life out of the public eye.

“I’ve never discussed my personal life publicly and have found that it has positively benefited me. There will always be a narrative, and I decided not to invest time in correcting or redirecting it,” Styles explained in a previous interview with Rolling Stone. Approximately six months after parting ways with Wilde, Styles fueled speculation about a romance with Emily Ratajkowski when they were photographed kissing in Tokyo. Later, in June 2023, Styles was spotted spending time with actress Taylor Russell.

Who is Taylor Russell?

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She’s Canadian. Born as Taylor Russell McKenzie on July 18, the 29-year-old actress originated from the small community of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Her upbringing took her across the country, residing in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, with frequent trips to Los Angeles as she pursued her acting career.

With over a decade of experience as a working actress, Russell made her U.S. acting debut with a guest role on the medical drama series Emily Owens, M.D. in 2012. Two years later, she portrayed Lark Voorhies in The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story for Lifetime. Her prominent role as Judy Robinson in the Netflix science fiction reboot Lost in Space since 2018 garnered her a fan following, earning a nomination for “Best Supporting Actress in a Streaming Presentation” at the Saturn Awards. Russell recently took on the role in the 2022 horror drama Bones and All.

She prioritizes a healthy lifestyle. Despite her latest film role depicting a meat eater, Russell adheres to a plant-based diet in real life. She opts for herb-remedy tonics that have not only helped with her eczema but also provided various beauty and skin benefits, as revealed in a recent interview.

She serves as a muse for designers. In 2022, Russell graced the catwalk as the opening act for Loewe, a Spanish luxury brand. Additionally, she has featured in campaigns for renowned fashion houses such as Chanel and Prada, while also appearing in various fashion spreads in magazines.

She is biracial. Russell, the daughter of a white mother and Jamaican father, shared her experience of not feeling fully accepted in school due to the lightness of her skin. Despite these challenges, she has learned to embrace her identity and actively brings her Blackness to the screen, emphasizing the diverse layers of being a Black and mixed-race girl in an interview with the website Shadow and Act.

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell’s relationship timeline

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June 23, 2023: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell make their first public appearance together. Following a fan’s TikTok compilation of photos capturing Styles and Russell entering a car in late June, rumors of their potential romance begin circulating. While it remains unclear whether the pair were holding hands, it is evident that they were walking together.

July 8, 2023: Taylor Russell is seen at Harry Styles’ concert. Russell attends Styles’ Love on Tour in Vienna, dancing along to the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s performance in the VIP section, as shown in photos obtained by TMZ.

July 9, 2023: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are photographed strolling around Vienna. The rumored couple is spotted enjoying a day in the city, with a fan capturing a TikTok video of them walking together.

July 22, 2023: Taylor Russell attends the final stop on Harry Styles’ tour. Russell supports Styles at his Reggio Emilia concert, the concluding date of his tour. A fan captures a photo of Russell immersed in the music, this time among the crowd.

August 9, 2023: Harry Styles attends the opening night of Taylor Russell’s play. A month after Russell supported Styles at his show, he reciprocates by attending the opening night gala of Russell’s play, The Effect, at the National Theatre in London. Photos from The Daily Mail depict the two smiling and appearing close at an afterparty.

August 28, 2023: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell spend a day together in London. Once again, the couple is spotted holding hands as they enjoy a day in London, as documented in a fan video.

August 30, 2023: Taylor Russell discusses her relationship expectations. Russell opens up about her approach to relationships in an interview with The Face magazine, expressing her need for a partner who actively engages in conversations. She also shares insights into her move to London and how it has inspired her to be more open to new experiences, including heartbreak.

September 26, 2023: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell are seen holding hands once more. The couple goes on another potential date in London, grabbing coffee while photographed holding hands in casual attire.

November 9, 2023: Harry Styles and Taylor Russell attend a U2 concert in Las Vegas. Styles, sporting a buzz cut, and Russell are seen together at a U2 concert at Las Vegas’ newly opened Sphere, standing cozily next to each other during the show.

Harry Styles’ dating history: from Taylor Swift to Olivia Wilde

Felicity Skinner

It’s hard to believe, but once upon a time people weren’t interested in the question of Who Is Harry Styles Dating? Before becoming a megastar, Harry Styles encountered one of his early romantic interests, Felicity Skinner, introduced to him by a mutual friend. Despite residing in different cities, the two teenagers embarked on a dating journey that lasted nearly a year before naturally growing apart. Reflecting on their relationship, Skinner fondly recalls Styles as a wonderful boyfriend.

“He was a really good boyfriend, very romantic and, yes, shy. He was good-looking, and obviously, I found him very attractive. We were together for just under a year... We started seeing each other when we were both about 15. It was puppy love, and we were definitely each other’s first loves,” Felicity shared in an interview.

Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack became associated with Harry Styles in 2011. During this period, One Direction had recently concluded their stint on The X Factor, and Flack had commenced hosting a spin-off show, The Xtra Factor. Despite a significant 14-year age difference, the couple pursued a relationship that lasted for several months. Their romantic involvement came to an end in early 2012, and Styles conveyed through a tweet that the decision to part ways had been mutual.

Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles and Taylor Swift first encountered each other in March 2012 at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. During One Direction’s performance, Swift was seen dancing in the audience.

Speculation about their relationship arose when fans noticed Styles wearing the same paper plane necklace Swift had worn on multiple occasions. In November, it was reported that Styles joined Swift during her rehearsal for The X Factor, with host Mario Lopez confirming Styles’ presence, suggesting he was there to see Swift.

In early December, the duo was photographed for the first time while taking a stroll through Central Park in New York City. Following a performance by One Direction at Madison Square Garden, Swift joined Styles for an afterparty where they sang a karaoke duet of a Backstreet Boys song. They were seen again attending a friend’s birthday party later that week.

Throughout the month, Styles met Swift’s family, and they took a trip to England. Spending the holidays together, they enjoyed a ski vacation in Park City, Utah, with friends Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Welcoming the new year together, they shared a kiss after Swift’s Times Square performance. Their relationship took a turn during a trip to the British Virgin Islands, resulting in a reported split just days into the vacation, with Swift returning home alone on January 4.

Post-breakup, both Styles and Swift remained tight-lipped. In 2014, Swift’s album “1989” offered insight into their relationship. Styles, in a 2017 Rolling Stone feature, mentioned that he didn’t mind if Swift wrote songs about him, acknowledging the learning experience from their time together. Reflecting on paparazzi photos from their Central Park outing, Styles expressed the desire for a normal date and emphasized the challenges of navigating relationships at a young age.

In subsequent years, Styles has spoken positively about Swift, even engaging in a friendly chat during the 2021 Grammys.

Kendall Jenner

Styles and Kendall Jenner first sparked dating rumors in November 2013 when seen having dinner in Los Angeles. Despite claims of being “just friends,” Jenner tweeted that she was single.

Their connection appeared to intensify in January 2014 during a skiing trip in Mammoth, marked by sources noting significant “flirting and smiling.” They celebrated Styles’ 20th birthday together in February. However, after a brief interaction at the 2014 British Fashion Awards, they were not seen together until December 2015 in Anguilla, where fans spotted them getting cozy, including a kiss. Jenner’s sister Khloé Kardashian suggested they were dating during an interview.

Following the vacation, they attended a friend’s birthday celebration separately but were not spotted together until April 2016 while allegedly shopping. The couple seemed to cool off once again, reuniting in September 2016 with reports of them “trying to spend time together.” They were seen on a dinner date at L.A. hot spot Ysabel. Styles attended Jenner’s 21st birthday party in November, marking their last public appearance together for a while.

In July 2018, Jenner attended Styles’ concert in L.A., and they crossed paths at the Met Gala in May 2019. They maintained a friendly relationship, appearing together on The Late Late Show later that year for a game.

Camille Rowe

In 2017, Styles met Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe through their mutual friend Alexa Chung. Rumors surfaced when Styles was questioned about Rowe during a BBC1 Radio interview in July, and he claimed not to know her while smirking off-camera.

A few weeks later, they were seen together in N.Y.C. for the first time. In September, Rowe attended Styles’ Los Angeles concert, and paparazzi captured them having dinner. Despite Rowe mentioning a boyfriend in an interview without specifying who it was, fans spotted her at several of Styles’ concerts in the US and Europe over the next few months. They were photographed on lunch and sushi dates in early 2018.

After Rowe went to Oklahoma for a movie project and Styles went on tour, they reunited in Europe, with fans noticing her presence at numerous concerts. Rowe accompanied Styles throughout much of the remainder of his world tour.

The last sighting of the duo was during the final show of Styles’ tour in Los Angeles in July. Following the release of Styles’ album “Fine Line,” fans speculated about songs related to their relationship. While Styles hasn’t confirmed if any were about Rowe, he included a voicemail from her at the end of “Cherry,” where she speaks in French about going to the beach. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Styles mentioned adding it later and getting Rowe’s approval.

Olivia Wilde

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In late 2020, people are beginning to wonder again, Who Is Harry Styles Dating? Styles and Olivia Wilde met when he was cast in her film, Don’t Worry Darling. Wilde publicly announced her split from Jason Sudeikis months later, although they had privately separated earlier.

In January 2021, Styles and Wilde were first seen together at a wedding in Montecito, California, photographed holding hands. After wrapping the film in February, they traveled to England and were later spotted during a romantic vacation in Monte Argentario, Italy, in July.

Wilde supported Styles at concerts that fall, even wearing his t-shirt during an outing in L.A. When asked about their romance in December, Wilde expressed contentment and dismissed negative attention.

In the following months, sources revealed the seriousness of their relationship, with Styles getting to know Wilde’s children and Wilde meeting Styles’ mother. Despite maintaining privacy, they were described as “more serious than ever.”

Styles released “As It Was” in April 2022, fueling speculation about its connection to his relationship with Wilde. While coy in interviews, Styles praised the trust he had with Wilde on the set. Sources reported that the couple remained committed amid their busy schedules.

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