Experts Chose the 10 Funniest Movies by Measuring Viewers’ Laughter

2 years ago

Lovefilm, a UK-based video streaming service, asked their members to pick out 10 of their most favorite comedies. They took that list and tested it on people by measuring how many times they giggled per minute throughout each movie. Even though the results aren’t universal, their methods were definitely unique and worth taking into consideration.

We at Bright Side were discussing our favorite comedies and looking for a few facts about them, and that’s how we ended up finding out about this list, and, believe it or not, we kind of agree with it.

10. Life of Brian — 1.2 laughs per minute

This movie depicts the times of the Romans, but at the same time, it contains some controversial jokes that led to the film getting banned in several countries.

9. Shaun of the Dead — 1.3 laughs per minute

The main character in this movie is just a salesman who doesn’t have any direction in life. However, his life takes a turn and things start to become not so boring after all. When the entire community turns into zombies, this movie takes them on a more comedic route than tragic.

8. Bridesmaids — 1.4 laughs per minute

Things in life can take a real turn, especially when 2 friends start to disagree about something. Bridesmaids takes one friendship through funny events after one friend ruins their bestie’s wedding preparations and the wedding altogether.

7. American Pie — 1.5 laughs per minute

In this movie, we can see the life of teenagers from another angle. The first in a series, the movie became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon.

6. Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy — 1.6 laughs per minute

Ron Burgundy, the main character in the movie, enjoyed great success in the male-driven news industry. But things start to turn once Veronica, a reporter with high ambitions, comes into his life.

5. Borat — 1.7 laughs per minute

Borat traveled to the US with just one goal: to make a documentary about the country. However, in his mission, he will learn that the US is just like his own country and in many different ways.

4. Superbad — 1.9 laughs per minute

The thought of starting out at a different college than your best friend means that you need to use the little time you have left together to the fullest. Well, at least for the boys in Superbad, that is. Unfortunately, their way of enjoying their short time left is by landing themselves in some trouble.

3. Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! — 2.3 laughs per minute

This movie and its other series continue to bring on many laughs year after year, despite how much time has passed since its release. It’s a crime comedy movie that shows an incompetent police detective who tries to save the Queen of England through a few unfortunate accidents that lead to hilarious shenanigans.

2. The Hangover — 2.4 laughs per minute

It’s no wonder why this movie ended up becoming a 3-part movie series. The first one really proved to be a hit. In the film, friends attend a bachelor party and have to trace their steps to learn what actually happened during their wild night.

1. Airplane! — 3 laughs per minute

Imagine a pilot who is afraid to fly! Well, Airplane! gives us that picture and an even more difficult situation. The former pilot has to find a way to land the plane while the passengers suffer from food poisoning and fight off his fears at the same time.

Have you watched any of the movies on this list? Which one is your favorite? What movies would you choose to watch and take the “laughs per minute” test?


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