Faithful Animals That Are Ready to Follow Their Tiny Owners Anywhere

3 years ago

Every child dreams of having a pet that's their best friend but not all parents approve of it because all pets require extra care and attention. However, the emotions that pets give to kids are a good pay off for all the effort spent taking care of them.

Bright Side collected 19 heart-warming examples of a strong friendship between animals and kids.

My dog

Waiting for Santa

Nice to meet you...

Best friends from the first days...

Together till the end

When this girl's mother was in her 9th month of pregnancy, her sister gave her a big Labrador. At first, the woman got upset because having both a baby and a pet meant having twice the difficulties. But the dog became a true friend to the girl and a great helper for her mom. This year when vets removed this dog's tumor, this little girl was there for her friend, and still takes care of him today.

Charlie and Frankie - the dog that spent most of his life in an animal shelter

Frankie had spent most of his life in a cage until he was adopted by kind people. Today he has his best friend Charlie who he has been traveling together with this summer.

Fluffy baby-sitter

A mother of 5 kids was lucky to get this dog she adopted from a shelter. It helps her look after her children.

Mame and her giant poodle Riku

Jedi the dog has saved Luke's life for several years.

This dog feels the tiniest chemical changes in the boy's body better than any equipment. After Jedi saved Luke's life one night by waking up his parents on time, the dog learned to signal danger with a special colorful stick. Jedi and Luke spend all their time together.

Addison and her hen

Addison lives on a small farm with her family and is a good friend to her hen.

A boy and a dog with vitiligo

Carter hated his appearance and would refuse to look in the mirror until the moment he met the Rowdy, a Labrador who had the same disease. Carter's mom feels extremely thankful for this meeting because her son has stopped feeling shy since then and has made a true friend.

Tyler and the duckling Beaker who always follows him

Beaker hasn't left Tyler since the first day they met. They are so inseparable and close that Tyler's first word was 'duck.' They walk, play, and even slide together. Whenever Tyler starts crying, Beaker starts quacking loudly and nervously.

In reliable paws

Libby and her cats

An adopted girl named Libby has been a good friend to cats from the shelter. Now they all live in a big and friendly family.

Manicure for my best friend

Philo and Pompon are good friends, fashion-mongers, and Instagram celebrities. They live in Paris and have photo sessions for glamour magazines. Couldn't it be a plot for a Hollywood movie?

A home zoo

Jack and his calf

Best friends have many common interests.

Pets will stay your best friends even after many years.

Did you have a pet that was your best friend in childhood? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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