First Acting Parts of Future Celebrities We Couldn’t Imagine Existed

3 months ago

Very few celebrities like to discuss the times when their careers first started and they were just trying to earn money for living. Some actors and actresses had to act in low-budget horror movies or other dubious projects while others started their acting careers on television, not on TV shows, but in commercials.

We at Bright Side would like to reveal 16 commercials that star current celebrities before they became famous and successful.

1. Brad Pitt

In the beginning of his career, Brad Pitt seemed to be ready to do anything to get to his favorite chips in the commercial of this famous brand. And he was just a good-looking blond guy with an athletic body at that time that helped him to embody a careless surfer.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Long before the Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio was in a commercial for chewing gum. When he became more famous, he earned some money in Japan acting in a Honda Civic commercial.

3. Ben Affleck

A young and good-looking Ben Affleck acted in a commercial for Burger King in 1989.

4. Keanu Reeves

Who would have thought that Keanu Reeves made money doing commercials too? While he was an unknown actor, he worked with Coca-Cola and acted in a Corn Flakes commercial.

5. Bruce Willis

If you never knew that Bruce Willis could sing, then you’ve now got a chance to see this unique event in this commercial from 1986. Additionally, in the third commercial of this series, Bruce is joined by the amazing Sharon Stone. They make a wonderful duet, don’t you think?

6. Courtney Cox

Before Courtney Cox became Monica Geller from Friends, she advertised female hygiene products. They also say that she was first on American TV who said the word “period.”

7. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

Before starring in the iconic Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul also worked as actors in commercials. Cranston promised quick pain relief with the help of a special ointment, while the Paul sung the praises of some delicious breakfast cereal.

8. John Travolta

In the now distant year 1973, John Travolta sang a cheerful song in a guys locker room advertising Safeguard soap.

9. Christina Hendricks

The red-haired star from Mad Men advertised the famous oil-blotting strips from Clean and Clear in the very distant past.

10. Anne Hathaway

In 1997, aspiring actress Anne Hathaway played a really upset girl in a real estate agency commercial because her friend had to move.

11. Tobey Maguire

When he was a charming teenager Tobey Maguire starred in a commercial for Atari video games.

12. Mark Ruffalo

Almost 30 years ago, Mark Ruffalo made some extra money starring in a commercial for anti-pimple skin care.

13. Jason Statham

Here the handsome Jason Statham eats chocolate in a Kit Kat commercial. Who would have guessed that this action movie hero was so fond of sweets?

14. Dominic Cooper

Do you remember that creative Durex commercial where a guy is going on a date? Well, that guy was Dominic Cooper.

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the beginning of 90s Iron Arnie worked in Japan, like many other Hollywood actors, starring in a commercial for an energy drink.

16. Emilia Clarke

And, finally, Emilia Clarke starred in a commercial for the British psychological support hotline called Samaritans in 2009. We think Emilia managed to help many people in need with her convincing acting.

Which TV commercial did you find the most hilarious? Let us know in the comments below.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s comment on Kate Winslet’s physique during “Titanic” had a profound impact on her. Amidst societal pressures and personal insecurities, DiCaprio’s words became a beacon of body positivity for Winslet. Their mutual respect and support have made their friendship an iconic Hollywood tale.

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