From On-Set Colleague to Lifetime Partner: How Adam Sandler’s 24 Years Relationship Keeps Blooming Alive

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Adam Sandler is a renowned Hollywood actor who has had the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s most stunning women. However, for him, his wife, Jackie, is the queen of his heart. Their love story began 24 years ago when Jackie stood by Adam throughout his career, becoming his lifetime sweetheart.

It was love at first sight.

Jackie Titone took on a modeling career after graduating from high school, but she shifted her focus to acting a few years later, in 1999, when she got her first role. Meanwhile, Adam Sandler was already a well-known and prosperous actor who rose to prominence in the 1990s with films such as Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and Billy Madison.


They got to know one another on the set of Adam’s 1999 film Big Daddy, where Jackie portrayed a waitress. Indeed, the aspiring actress met the star, Rob Schneider, while shooting a cameo scene, and he later helped her meet Adam Sandler, one of his close friends.

During his acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in March 2023, Adam provided additional details about his first encounter with Jackie, which he described as his “favorite night” ever. He explained that he attended a “Stephen Dorf” birthday party with his buddy Adam Venice. At the party, he was introduced to Jackie by his friend Dallas, and from that moment, he found himself captivated by her. Adam praised her kindness and beauty and how she habitually boosted his confidence by telling him he was great at everything. “In her eyes, I was the best. At least, that’s how she made me feel,” he jokingly added.

4 years later, he popped the question.

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Following the beginning of their romance, the couple co-starred in several other films in which Jackie emerged, including 50 First Dates, Just Go With It, and many others. While still actively working together, they became a lifelong couple and married on June 22, 2003.

“I played basketball that afternoon, trying to calm down, and then I was driving, I was saying stuff out loud and trying to, you know, make sure I hit all of the right things so she would remember nice stuff, and I did all right,” Adam recalled to the day he proposed to Jackie. The couple exchanged vows outside at a Malibu estate in front of a large celebrity guest list that included Sharon Osbourne and Jennifer Aniston.

They crowned their love by welcoming 2 daughters.

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The happy couple welcomed Sadie, now 16 years old, in May 2006. Adam declared shortly after her birth, “The child is healthy! Healthy wife!” In November 2008, Sunny — Jackie and Adam’s second daughter — was born. Both their daughters have also appeared in a few of their father’s films, like Hotel Transylvania and Murder Mystery.

For Adam and Jackie, their daughters change their life for the better. “I don’t go out to meet anyone after 9:30 at night. I eat dinner at six or seven.” He joked, “If someone makes me stay out until 10:30 at night, I’m angry the entire next day because I’m exhausted.”

In November 2022, Adam let his daughters write him a speech for his Gotham Awards win that turned out hilarious. “Thank you Mommy for putting up with Daddy and his crazy mood swings all these years,” Sandler read to the audience. “Now that truly is a feat deserving of a lifetime achievement award.”

Jackie is her husband’s staunchest ally.

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Every successful man needs a woman to support and cheer him on in good and bad times. Despite his award-winning career and several successful film roles, Adam would not be the man he is today if Jackie had not been there for him.

Adam’s wife is constantly present as he films scenes, encouraging him to give his best. Sandler recalled when Jackie helped him while shooting a kissing scene with his longtime coworker, Jennifer Aniston. “The only awkward part is hearing my wife on the side going, ‘Harder! Harder! Kiss her harder!” Adam chuckles.

Adam also revealed that his wife and daughters had watched his kissing scene with Jennifer. He said, “They love it. They love Aniston, and they want her to have good things and they say, ‘Give her something nice.’”

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Without Jackie’s support, Adam might not have taken on some of his most important projects for fear of being unable to carry them out. The actor admitted that his wife pushed him to accept roles that he initially thought would be challenging, like the one in Uncut Gems.

“I read it, I loved the movie, but I was scared to do it. Then I asked Jackie to read it. We do this together, me and Jackie, we discuss what I’m going to do, and she gives me the strength and courage to jump into this stuff,” Adam confessed.

Deeply in love after 24 years together.

Adam and Jackie have been together for 24 years now, but time has not changed a thing about their romance — in fact, it has grown stronger than ever. When they celebrated their anniversary in 2020, the actor recalled on Instagram how “22 years ago today we locked eyes and fell deep.” Adam wrote, “Love you my forever girl,” voicing his joy in celebrating 22 years with his wife.

There is only one secret to keeping such a close bond: trust and affection. Sandler spoke candidly about it and said, “Just spending time together. Make sure that you don’t run off too long and hang out together.” In addition, he stresses the value of being open and spending quality time, “just an hour hanging out together makes us rocking again.”

We all will agree that Adam Sandler deserves all the success, loving family, and friends he got. He has proven himself that he is not just a talented man, but is also a kind human being who does not doubt to stand up straight to help other people, especially his beloved ones.


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They look like a great couple and family and sound like they have a smashing time together. I wish them all the best on the rest of their journey together.


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