Gal Gadot Visits a Children’s Hospital Dressed as Wonder Woman, Proving Each of Us Can Be a Hero

3 years ago

Gal Gadot, the current on-screen Wonder Woman, took a break from the filming of Wonder Woman: 1984 in Washington DC and went over to the Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia to meet the sick children that resided there.

Bright Side wants to show you some pictures that were captured during this visit that made the day of the children and the hospital staff.

The character Wonder Woman is known for her powers, wisdom, beauty and of course, wonder. But Gal Gadot, on the other hand, has something more to offer others, and that’s kindness.

The real-life Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, visited a children’s hospital in Virginia last month in her Wonder Woman outfit while taking time off from filming her new movie.

The families and staff at the hospital confirmed that she had been handing out toys and autographs while talking to everyone.

This is Karalyne. She’s only 8 months old and she suffers from a kind of pediatric cancer called acute myeloid leukaemia. She got to meet Wonder Woman.

In an interview with CBS News, Karalyne’s mom Kelly said, “She was in the middle of getting an antibiotic treatment, and in walked Wonder Woman, you know, fully costumed.”

Karalyne has been sick since she was 2 months old and this special visit from Wonder Woman raised her family’s spirits.

The hospital staff was also hyped about this “wonder-ful” surprise visit. Some of the staff working in the hospital were tweeting about why they weren’t on duty that day.

People usually have expectations about on-screen superheroes and celebrities but it’s acts of kindness like these that make them an even a greater superhero than their fictional character.

Here at Bright Side, we are not promoting a character or movie but rather, a message of kindness. We pray for the betterment of little Karalyne and all the other children out there fighting for their lives.
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She really is a Wonder Women in real life and in movies. Love her! Any Gal Gadot fans?

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