He Completely Nails It — A Man Turns His Uniqueness Into a Thriving Business

6 months ago

Embracing our individuality isn’t always easy, but it’s undeniably awesome. Meet Shogo Yoshida, a Japanese man who not only rocks his unique trait but turns it into something extraordinary. His larger-than-life fingers aren’t a bother — they’re a source of happiness, both for him and those he touches.

A rare genetic condition gave him a special gift.

A Nagoya hairstylist who goes by the name Bachi Yubi-san (which translates to ’’drumstick fingers’’) has an extraordinary genetic mutation that gifts him unique, drumstick-like fingers. Undeterred by his rare condition, he approaches life with unwavering positivity and shares his experience on social media.

His story is shaped by a condition occasionally associated with cardiovascular disorders. His version of it, pachydermoperiostosis (PDP), fortunately remains inactive, spearing his other organs from its effects.

Turning uniqueness into an advantage.

Beyond his positivity, Shogo skillfully channels his distinctive fingers into a successful business. Working as a hairdresser, his clients relish the uniquely soothing head massages he offers, courtesy of his unique touch.

This creative young man also flaunts artistic nail designs and markets eye-catching merchandise featuring his distinctive logo.

Overcoming online criticism.

But Shogo hasn’t always been confident about his uniqueness. ’’I used to hate these fingers,’’ he admits. It took some time to get used to his special feature and ’’turn his complex into a strength.’’ Along the way, he faces online trolls who accused him of exploiting his condition for profit, but Shogo has stood strong.

Inspiring others and raising awareness.

Shogo utilizes his condition to spread awareness and promote inclusivity, responding to criticism in videos. To him, it’s just another facet of his individuality, comparable to models capitalizing on their beauty, as he explains.

In a world where adversity often sparks negativity, Shogo’s journey underscores the significance of transforming challenges into opportunities. By turning his genetic quirk into a gift, he proves that limits are just a state of mind.


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I wish him the very best in life, success, and happiness. Negative trolls need to kick rocks.


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