Keanu Reeves Faces Backlash for His Body Online, but True Fans Show Support

10 months ago

While Keanu Reeves was enjoying a boat trip with his sister on vacation, some meanies online decided to criticize his physique, calling him “flabby and weak” when they saw him shirtless. Thankfully, his loyal fans had his back and flooded the internet with love, praising the special person he is.

Keanu is spending the holidays with his sister Kim.

Keanu Reeves is living it up on his Italian vacation with his sister, Kim Reeves. The John Wick star was spotted on a boat off the famous island of Capri, enjoying the sun and sea. Sporting khaki swim trunks and a full beard, he looked relaxed while taking dips in the Mediterranean. The pictures of their fun-filled day show Keanu casually pouring champagne and having heartwarming chats with Kim.

Fans from all over are loving this glimpse of Keanu enjoying his vacation with family and living it up. His down-to-earth nature and acting skills have won him a special place in everyone’s hearts. It’s just so awesome to see him savoring the simple joys of life with the people he cares about.

Many critics targeted the actor’s body shape.

The actor, 58, keeps himself in shape, but when his pictures hit social media, some people had negative things to say. They called him “flabby and weak” and told him to get a haircut and hit the gym. Other users went even further writing: “gone chubby now”, or, “the one star who looks better with his shirt on,” and even comments like, “he needs to shape up.”

Of course, there were also supporters who appreciated him.

His supporters stood firmly by his side.

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/East News

Amidst the mixed reactions to Reeves’ shirtless pictures, his loyal fan base showed overwhelming admiration and support. They flooded social media with praise for the actor, not only celebrating his talent but also his incredible personality.

Many loved that he doesn’t care about unrealistic standards and admired him even more for it, writing, “The fact he’s not ripped due to some stupid desire to satisfy other people makes me respect/like him even more.”

More fans joined the defense, praising Reeves and stating that he looked fantastic, and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his appearance. The overwhelming positivity from these supporters showed his looks couldn’t overshadow the immense impact he has made on and off the screen.

Keanu Reeves continues to leave a lasting impact on positivity, thanks to his altruistic nature. His actions, like helping his sister showcase what an incredible brother he is.


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What happened to body positivity? Double standards too much? Seriously you should be ashamed of yourself bunch of hypocrates. You must remember that he is 50 years old... lets see how you look when you are that age.


People are saying Keanu Reeves is chubby at his age of nearly 60 years old yeah well everyone says lizzo is beautiful until you tell them they look like lizzo.


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