Here’s What The Color of Your Nails Says About You

3 years ago

Painting our nails is one of the easiest ways to express ourselves. It can be easily applied and removed, we can choose to wear the latest trends, and we can change it as much as we want. But despite having a lot of colorful options, we usually have a personal favorite shade for our nails that suits our personality or our mood.

Bright Side wondered if some our go-to nail polish colors could actually be a window into our inner self and found out these answers.

1. Red

Red nails show that you are passionate. You could also be a little aggressive and emotional. It’s also a bold color, which means you love to show confidence or dominance. You’re not afraid to be glamorous and have all eyes turning your way.

2. Pink

Wearing pink nails gives off a feminine vibe that could be part of a light-hearted, fun-seeking attitude. You are likely to be intuitive and not care that much with regards to conforming to social norms. If you’re wearing light pink nail polish, you might be ambitious and career-oriented.

3. Orange

Daring and impulsive might be the first things that describe you if you have orange nails. It’s a color that is full of warmth and energy, and often associated with enthusiasm and creativity. You don’t care what other people think of you, and you definitely know how to have fun.

4. Purple

If you like purple on your nails, this could be part of you expressing your imaginative and creative side. Purple is also associated with royalty and nobility, along with confidence and individuality. You might also want to wear purple nails when you want to express some sensual or mysterious vibes.

5. Blue

Blue may be associated with calm and peace, but when we’re talking about nail polish, that might be a different story. Wearing blue nail polish, especially the brighter shades, shows that you’re fun and exciting. It shows your friendly, youthful aura and your openness to try new things.

6. Black

Okay, so having black nails does make you a little rebellious, but that’s not all there is to it. If you love to wear black nail polish, you’re a creative individual who enjoys thinking outside of the box. You could be an authoritative and serious person, but you can also be a bit of a daredevil. After all, not everyone can rock those black nails.

7. Neon

These nails want attention and you’re not afraid to show it. You are fearless, energetic and the life of the party. You love to be in the spotlight, and can easily start conversations, even with strangers. Neon colors can vary from lime green to hot pink, and there’s really no right or wrong way to do neon nails, giving you more room to explore your creative side.

8. Nude

Having nude as your go-to color means you are low-maintenance and unfussy. Some may view it as too ordinary, because the color may not stand out as much, but it actually still looks quite classy. It also points out that you are a straightforward and secure person.

What is your favorite nail polish color? How often do you change the color of your nails?


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Purple was usually my 2nd most frequent color, teal/turquoise was my on occasion color, french tips were my favorite to go with everything. Just barely longer than my fingertips and rounded square. Haven’t done my nails in forever though! These were interesting.


I actually always can't decide between red and pink, so I switch them


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