“Home Alone 3 — Kevin’s Revenge” Shows Us a Grown-Up Kevin and the Return of Wet Bandits

6 months ago

More than thirty years following Macaulay Culkin’s legendary portrayal of Kevin McCallister, where his character managed to outwit the bumbling criminals, the Wet Bandits, with the assistance of the pigeon lady in Central Park, fans now have the chance to explore what would happen if the story were to continue.

A passionate movie enthusiast and skilled trailer maker took on the ambitious task of treating Home Alone fans to a glimpse of what a 2024 film featuring the original star-studded cast might entail. Using creative editing techniques, such as splicing scenes from various TV shows and films, manipulating visuals, and enlisting professional voice actors, he brought his concept of an adult Kevin McCallister to fruition.

The envisioned storyline begins where Home Alone 2: Lost in New York concluded, as hapless criminals Harry Lyme (Joe Pesci) and Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern) are apprehended and taken to jail after their toy store heist.

More than three decades have passed since the film’s original release, implying that the miscreant pair, Harry and Marv, must have served a substantial sentence for their numerous crimes. In the intervening years, Kevin and his siblings, have matured, and the once-mischievous protagonist is no longer a kid spending holidays warding off burglars.

However, the tranquility dissipates when the Wet Bandits, are released from prison. Their unsettling Christmas card to Kevin, adorned with a picture and the ominous message, “We’re back little buddy,” reignites tension. The parody trailer proceeds to depict Harry and Marv’s release from jail, setting the stage for potential chaos.

In this imagined scenario, Kevin confronts the Wet Bandits in a final battle, an event that captures the attention of the media and ends up making the news. Fans of Home Alone enthusiastically supported the trailer, despite its parody nature. Many expressed that this imaginative storyline could serve as a potential inspiration for Hollywood writers, suggesting it could be the basis for a long-awaited third installment in the franchise, featuring the original cast.

Recently, Macaulay Culkin and Catherine O’Hara, known for their roles as Kevin and his mother in Home Alone, had an emotional reunion after 23 years, sparking nostalgic memories for fans of the iconic movie.

Preview photo credit VJ4rawr2 / YouTube


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