How Helen Mirren Met Her Partner and Enjoys Love Story Regardless of Her Age

2 years ago

Helen Mirren is part of a group of actresses that has an amazing trajectory in the film industry. She is a source of inspiration for many, not only because of her great talent, but also for her way of understanding life. She’s said multiple times how confident she is of herself and her age, because far from being an impediment, for her, adulthood can be the best stage of life, both personally and professionally. And age is exactly what she ignored when she met the love of her life.

And since we at Bright Side are part of her followers, we want to tell you a little bit about her life and the beautiful love story she has built with her husband.

A little bit about the amazing Helen Mirren

English actress Helen Mirren is mainly known for her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen, and has appeared not only in movies, but also in television shows and theater plays. She’s known for being multifaceted and risk-taking: she has worked in comedy, horror and even action movies.

It is more than clear that she loves what she does because of the multiple nominations she has received for her work. She’s so passionate about her work that, for a long time, her career was the most important thing in her life. That was until she met Taylor.

The love of her life

Taylor is a renowned director, producer and actor. Some of his most famous films include The Devil’s Advocate, Ray and The Comedian. Unlike Helen, Taylor was married twice. From these two marriages, he had two children, Río and Alex Hackford, who have lived with and been part of the family since the beginning of the couple’s relationship.

They met at a casting.

It was precisely this passion for cinema that brought them together, as they met when he was casting an actress for the film White Nights, which he directed and produced. Funnily enough, it was Helen who got the part.

The love between Helen and Taylor goes beyond social standards.

When there is love, all the external factors that revolve around the relationship end up being secondary, and that was what happened with Helen and Taylor regarding marriage.

The actress said in an interview, “they ended up getting married for legal reasons”, since love was already part of both of their lives at that time. The couple married on December 31, 1997, after more than 10 years of dating and right on Taylor’s birthday.

A memorable day in the life of both

The couple got married at the Ardersier Parish Church in the Scottish Highlands and spent their wedding night in the historic Castle Stuart tower. The wedding was initially intended to be private, but Mirren gave the secret away when she placed a local order for flowers.

On the wedding day, Taylor wore a red kilt; while Helen, after making her future husband wait for about 10 minutes before getting out of her carriage (a dark-colored Jaguar), wore a very elegant and beautiful gold and cream ensemble. When the minister indicated that they could have the traditional kiss, she smiled and kissed her now husband twice. It was a small and simple wedding, but very romantic and special.

Some of the guests, during an interview, said that they did not know why the couple decided to have their wedding in Scotland, and at the same time mentioned that maybe it was because of Taylor’s ancestors came from there. It was certainly a ceremony that will remain in the couple’s hearts forever.

The basis of a lasting relationship

In an interview, Helen shared that they were both about 38 years old when they started dating and that the importance of coinciding at that age lies in “recognizing the level of the relationship” and “letting the other person have the freedom to do what they want”.

Unfortunately, work has made them spend long periods of time apart, but it is precisely this, according to the actress, what makes them miss each other and then meet again with even more but with the same love as always.

Their family and bonding in important moments

Helen and Taylor have been together at many important events. These include happy moments, at events such as movie premieres, nominations and awards, but also sad ones, such as when the couple faced a major blow when Taylor’s eldest son Rio passed away due to an illness.

They way they look at each other says it all.

Just looking at their pictures together is enough to realize how much they love each other. This couple inspires confidence in the fact that true love exists and that it can come at any moment. But overall, they proved that it can last a lifetime.

And now, what do you think about love? Will you open the doors of your heart again to the opportunity to meet a requited love, no matter what age it comes? Tell us what you thought of this story and if you have experienced something similar in your life.


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