How Kate Winslet Met the Man of Her Dreams During House Fire: “I Ran Out With a Bra and Passports”

Sometimes love happens unexpectedly, knocking on your door unpredictably. Our beloved actress Kate Winslet has blessed us throughout the years with amazing romances, so it’s only fair to her to love and to be loved deeply. Her story with her husband started off weirdly, but eventually became her fairy tale.

We at Bright Side believe that love can be found under any kind of circumstances — that’s why we’re happy to share the love story of Kate Winslet and her husband.

Kate has been married twice before.

The Titanic star’s love life has not been easy. As someone who’s been very successful career-wise, her previous marriages didn’t work out as she had hoped. Kate’s first marriage lasted only for 3 years, and her second — for 8. She became a mother to Mia in 2000 and Joe in 2003.

Since we can never know what truly happens between married couples, Kate shared these words when she was asked about her divorces: “I know lots of people who are not in the public eye who have gone through several marriages, I really do. And it’s just those are the cards that life dealt me. I didn’t plan on it being that way. And it hasn’t been easy, you know.”

One day, she faced a life-threatening situation.

In 2011, our A-list star was vacationing along with her daughter Mia and son Joe on Necker Island, a luxury private island run by Virgin Limited Edition, belonging to billionaire Richard Branson. One day during their stay, a fire broke out and consumed the property where they were staying.

Luckily, she was able to get out of danger with her kids. She recalled what happened that day and said, “I took a bra and passports and my children.” But when she was escaping that dangerous situation, she made an encounter that would forever change her life.

The 2 immediately formed a connection and fell in love.

That day, Kate met Ned Rocknroll, the property owner’s nephew, who was also staying on the island in an adjacent residence. She recalled, “He was the only dude to have a head torch and a pair of shoes, everyone else left everything behind.” They ran into each other in a strange way, to say the least, but they have been together ever since.

His real name is Edward Abel Smith, and he goes by the name of Ned Rocknroll. He chose to change it because he believed his original name was “boring.” Kate enjoyed his company and said, “he is quite an original personality.”

They tied the knot in 2012.

Ned proposed to Kate during the summer of 2012, and they tied the knot in New York in December that same year. It has been said by a close source of theirs that the wedding took place in a private ceremony, attended by her 2 children and very few friends and family.

Although we don’t have many details about the wedding, we are sure that it must’ve been as remarkable as their love story. The couple welcomed their son Bear in 2013, who is now Kate’s third child.

Ned is very supportive of his wife and family.

Kate has shared many times how lucky she feels being with her husband Ned. She often refers to him as the “extraordinary life partner.” He supports her during her work and takes care of her and their little family. And we can understand why she called him a “superhot, superhuman, stay-at-home dad” during an interview when she was asked about him.

He even changed his surname back to Smith because he feels responsible for his child and would like to set an example. Kate has finally found her soul mate. She skipped a disastrous situation the day of the fire, but won a loving and caring family: “I believe strangers can meet and their lives can change so much that they simply can’t go back to being the person they once were.”

Do you believe that finding love amidst potential chaos is possible? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

Preview photo credit AP/East News


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