How Often You Need a Haircut for a Perfect Look, Based on Your Hair Type

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3 years ago

If you cut your hair too often it can prevent you from growing it out. If you cut your strands too rarely your hair may turn into straw. But how often is “often” and how rare is “rare”? The best thing you can do is to get your hair done according to its type.

To maintain a splendid look, we at Bright Side found out how often you should get a haircut depending on your hair’s texture.

1. Kinky or curly hair

This type of hair can actually wait a bit longer before you trim it. This is because even when it starts to grow it won’t look much different. If you want to let your hair grow then trim it every 6 months. But if you want to maintain your length and style, trim it every 3 months.

2. Coily hair

Textured hair is naturally quite dry. That’s why if you have coily hair and you want to maintain your curls it is recommended that you get it trimmed once every 6 to 12 weeks. In case your hair is heat damaged or colored, it would be better to cut it every time you color it. This will prevent overprocessing the ends.

3. Straight or wavy hair

Fine hair can, most of the time, be exhausting to maintain. Actually, you can go on for weeks looking amazing and suddenly you’ll wake up and see it all distorted. The key to having well-maintained straight or wavy hair is to reshape it often without cutting too much. For best results, get a trim once every 10 weeks or 3 months to keep your hair in check.

4. Thick hair

Thick hair is more “forgiving” — it doesn’t need a haircut for a longer time. However, sometimes it can make you go crazy with stray strands of hair. So, if you have thick hair you can get a haircut every 6 months to prevent it from going astray.

5. Thin hair

Thinner hair is prone to potential breakage. Plus it can lose its style fast. So, to keep your style and to prevent damage, it’s better to trim it every 2 months.

6. Damaged hair

If your hair is prone to split ends, you heat style it, or you dye it regularly, it is better to have it trimmed once every 8 weeks (6-12 weeks). This will help your hair stay healthier. Frequent haircuts will help in preventing breakage and over-drying. It doesn’t mean that you should cut too much every time, subtle trims will do the job.

What type of hair do you have? How often you get your hair trimmed? Do you have any tips in maintaining a good look according to your hair type?


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