How Self-Assured Women Behave When in a Relationship

3 years ago

Family psychologists claim that to be happy in a relationship, a woman should be strong both mentally and emotionally. Strong women have certain habits and behavioral characteristics. But what kind of habits are they and what is the difference between a strong woman's behavior and others' behavior?

Bright Side decided to answer this interesting question, and we would like to share with you 10 personality features inherent to women who are happy in their relationships.

1. They don't allow anyone to mislead them.

An emotionally strong woman always ignores gossipers, haters, and other negative people. Instead, she surrounds herself with kind and positive people in order to always stay optimistic. This works for both life and relationships.

2. They are not afraid to show their feelings.

Women who are happy in their relationships never hide their feelings. They don't avoid new relationships, are not afraid to show their sympathy, or to declare their love because they understand that it's very important to share emotions - it's better to reveal their feelings and be denied than to live in a dream world.

3. They refuse to be a victim of circumstances.

A woman who has self-respect would never blame her circumstances or make excuses. Instead, she would say it the way it is, even if it leads to a conflict situation. She learns from her mistakes and makes sure that unpleasant situations never happen to her again.

4. They know how to say "No."

Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, says that the ability to say "No" when necessary is one of the most important things in relationships, as well as in life in general.

Women who are happy in their relationships know how to set boundaries and when to say "No" to work and "Yes" to their relationships, and vice versa. They easily reject even profitable offers and don't yield to pressure from colleagues or friends.

5. They are not afraid to ask for help.

Many people are afraid or simply don't like to ask for help because they believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness.

However, psychologists say that the reality is actually different. Only strong people will admit that they can't do something by themselves. That is why if a strong woman understands that she can't do something alone, she won't let pride get in the way and will ask for help.

6. They work harder than others.

Strong people know what they want to achieve in life and that's why they always finish up their tasks. A strong woman is ready to work harder than others but she won't accept an overload of work either. The habit to work harder applies not only to work but also to her relationships.

7. They don't react to things that are beyond their control.

When you are extremely nervous and are close to a break-down, ask yourself whether this reaction of yours will change anything for the better and whether it's worth stressing so much. If the answer is no then let it go.

Writer Stephen Covey once said, "10% of events in our life are accidental and don't depend on us. 90% of events depend on how we react to them." This means that we decide for ourselves how our day is going to go, by just reacting to the events the way we choose to react to them.

Strong women don't waste their time and emotions on the things they can't change, both in their life and their relationships. What's the point of ruining your mood if a situation is far beyond your control?

8. Sometimes they prefer to be alone.

Many people think that they should spend all their free time with their partner. But psychologists warn that this is not the best way to build relationships.

Women who are happy in their relationships know that partners should have free time from each other. The time they spend alone is very important to them because it gives them the opportunity to recharge and think over different things.

9. They understand the consequences of their actions and decisions.

Strong women always knows the consequences of their choices and they are ready to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. If they are eventually proved wrong, they will admit their failure and take it as a lesson for the future.

10. They know exactly what they want.

Many women think that they shouldn't be direct about their wants to their men. In their opinion, men should be able to guess what they want. These "extrasensory" games ruin relationships and distract partners from much more important things.

Women who are happy in their relationships understand that. They know exactly what they want and are not afraid to talk about it. Besides, they don't allow anyone, even their partner, to make decisions for them.

What do you think? Is this approach right or wrong? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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