How to Choose the Right Men’s Hairstyle, According to Your Face Shape

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11 months ago

We’ve all been there: you stroll into a barbershop with a killer snapshot of a celebrity’s haircut, totally sure you’re about to rock that same look. But somehow, what you end up with doesn’t quite match up to the hotshot image in your head. Chances are, it’s because your face shape and that celebrities are probably playing in different leagues. Your face shape is like the blueprint for your overall look, and nailing it down is the first step to getting that haircut that’s just right for you.

Oval shape

If your facial features have gentle curves, yet the length of your face appears more significant than the width of your cheekbones, you possess an oval face shape. This facial structure boasts remarkable symmetry, allowing ample room to experiment and craft your distinctive style.

Opt for hairstyles that elevate your forehead, adding volume and defining angles. While exploring options, steer clear of a fringe, as it could inadvertently give your face a rounder appearance, making it a less suitable choice.

Square shape

You have a square face shape if your facial proportions appear uniformly balanced and your jawline possesses distinct sharpness and strength. This facial structure offers remarkable adaptability, allowing ample space to experiment with diverse hairstyles. Extremes hold their charm: allowing significantly lengthy and concise hair can be a fantastic choice.

Round shape

If your jawline exhibits a gentle curvature without distinct lines or angles, your face takes a round shape. In this scenario, the most suitable approach involves selecting a hairstyle that introduces tips, enhancing your face’s definition. Consider options such as a side cut, which allows you to maintain shorter sides and establish your unique facial structure.

Triangular shape

Just like a triangle, this face shape grows from a narrow forehead to a wide jawline. Volume is key here so, if this is your face type, make sure to choose thicker, longer, and fuller hairstyles. The length you add on the sides will lower the pointy effect of your head. Also, try to avoid beards since your chin already looks wide.

Oblong shape

Known also as rectangle, the oblong combines the oval and the square shape — elongated length but an even and sharp forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line. If you have this face shape, avoid hairstyles that make your face appear even longer. The top needs to be short and the sides can’t be too short. Fringes could be great asset, but stay away from large beards.

Diamond shape

The diamond is one of the rarest face shapes. It has the face length larger in the center and narrower on the extremities (the chin and forehead). Look for hairstyles that will soften the angles and add width to the forehead and chin, evening out the disparity. Remember, the sides can’t be too short and longer hair that can be pushed back is a great choice.

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Funny thing, my ex had a triangular-shaped face and I always told him to leave a more natural look with banks and freestyle but he was sure that he was going to look awful. Well... ?


I have an oval face but I never thought of trying the fringe style, it sounded too "mainstream" for my style. I like how it looks though. I guess I can give it a try. My hair grows really fast anyway :D


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