How to Wear Shoes With Skirts of Different Types

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Sometimes choosing the right outfit becomes really difficult once it comes to the shoes. You always want to look your best and feel comfortable. For this article we checked out which kind of shoes are the best match to popular skirt types, according to the gurus of the fashion industry.

We at Bright Side have researched the rules for matching the most popular types of skirts and have asked for recommendations on 3 traditional skirt lengths. And now we’re ready to share those with you.

1. Pencil skirt + low comfortable heels

Pencil skirts are a classic that never grows old. Nowadays they are welcomed not only in office, but in the outside world as well. The skirts can be of different lengths, colors, and patterns, and they are made of various fabrics. So you can easily choose one that suits your style.

Designers recommend wearing pencil skirts with low comfortable heels. You could even try mules. Also, strappy heels are a good match, especially for the skirts that are knee-length or longer.

2. Tulip skirt + ankles covered + toes opened

The tulip skirt got its name from its shape, which highlights the hips and feminine curves. Thus, a matching pair of shoes should elevate your image of a femme fatale, a woman with a secret. Choose a pair in a matching color with the ankles covered and an open toe. E.g., put on a pair of open-toe ankle boots in good weather.

Wear a pair of strappy gladiator sandals on a hot day. Pointy-toed shoes could be a solution for you if you feel uncomfortable with the open toe. Or, if you’re a real rebel, combine your tulip skirt with a pair of sneakers.

3. Flared skirt + heels to your taste

Stylists have one clear piece of advice about flared skirts, you should always combine them with high heels. Choose the height and type of shoes according to your taste and the occasion.

Get platform sandals for a hot summer day. Buy a pair of pumps for your job interview or wear high heeled boots on a rainy autumn afternoon. It’s up to you, just find a matching color and fabric.

4. Wrap skirt + flat sole (unless you want heels)

A wrap skirt is considered the type that fits every woman, regardless of her body shape. As for the matching pair of shoes, this is one of the skirts that gives you the freedom to choose and experiment. Many designers would pair a wrap skirt with a pair of seasonal flats. But if you’re thinking of trying a pair of high heels with it, go ahead.

5. A-line skirt + heels

The problem with the A-line skirt is that it makes your legs look shorter and your hips wider. So, high or mid-high heels are the best option for you to create a slender silhouette. Choose the type of heel according to your daily walking routine and the weather. But if you’re comfortable of becoming visually shorter, feel free to match your A-line skirt with a pair of sneakers.

As for the 3 classic skirt types according to their length, those are mini, midi and maxi. Check out the following advice about these from our fashion gurus.

6. Mini skirt + boots

As any other type of skirt, minis can be found nowadays made of various fabrics and in different colors. But stylists unanimously advise combining them with boots. You can take a pair of heavy-looking high-heel boots with laces to make your image more hard-rock. Or try putting on brogues to look more casual.

In the cooler seasons, a pair of knee-length boots will be a good match for your mini skirt. And if you prefer to stick to a shoe, get yourself a pair of pumps with a statement heel.

7. Midi skirt + something casual

A midi skirt can be a perfect basic for your casual summer wardrobe. You can combine it with bright accessories and multiple shoe types. For example, you could wear a pair of sneakers. If you have an off-shoulder top with the outfit, you’ll look dreamy and ready for a long romantic walk.

Or you might put on flat sandals in a matching color. If you would prefer actual shoes, choose something with open toes and a mid-high heel.

8. Maxi skirt + high heel or platform

A maxi skirt is tailored to highlight your waistline. So combine it with belts or vests in suitable colors. As for the shoes, fashion specialists say that this is the time for heels and platforms.

In summer you can combine your maxi skirt with high-platform sandals. In the cooler seasons, put on a pair of high-heel ankle boots in a matching color.

What type of skirt is your favorite? What do you wear it with? Please share your fashion ideas in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


Maxi skirts are my fav! Thanks for the tips! Useful right?

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