I Am a Confident Fat Girl, and Here’s What I Have to Say to People Who Hate Curvy Women

9 months ago

Olivia Dunne is a plus-size woman who is never tired to wow her numerous subscribers on Instagram and TikTok. The woman proudly shows off her curves in figure-hugging clothes and encourages other plus-sized women to have confidence in themselves finally. Olivia is a motivational figure and an avid fighter for raising awareness about how plus-size people feel and how they’re getting represented. And she has something to say to all haters who come to her social networks to criticize her curves.

Olivia is a real fighter for the rights of curvy women.

Olivia Dunne is a plus-size influencer who lives in Toronto, Canada. The woman regularly posts body-positive and uplifting clips on her TikTok account, and each of them has a powerful message to her massive followers. Recently, the woman decided to address all the haters who leave nasty comments under her clips, commenting on her body. She posted a video where she expressed all her thoughts about body image. While speaking to the trolls, Olivia wore a fuchsia dress highlighting her curves.

The woman wanted to be heard by all critics.

In her candid video, Olivia spoke about the outburst of criticism she gets whenever she posts photos of herself in various outfits. She shared that usually, people get mad when they see a confident, fat girl. Olivia advised every curvy woman to let people get mad and feel whatever they want. She urged plus-size women to ignore the critics and focus on being their bad selves.

In response, many users praised Olivia for having confidence in her figure and appearance. Some fans even called her a “goddess.”

The plus-size woman has her own attitude toward social opinion and beauty standards.

In the video, where Olivia addressed all haters, she wore a bright pink dress with an intricate neckline and an asymmetric hem to boast with her legs. The woman paired her bright dress with big hoop earrings, a subtle pendant necklace, and heels. Captioning the video ’Baddies Wear Pink,’ Olivia clapped back at critics and added that she absolutely adored the outfit she was wearing and loved how it made her look.

This is not the only post that shows Olivia’s strong position about being a curvy woman. In one of her Instagram posts, she showed off her figure in a swimsuit, and the caption made many people want to applaud her for her thoughts. She wrote, “There’s nothing more freeing than rocking a bikini when there’s a whole world shaming you for it.”

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If those 'haters' don't like her photo's, why are they following her? They prefer and applaud someone with anorexia? All this bodyshaming of others might very well lead to anorexia!


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