I Broke Up With My Boyfriend After His Reaction to “Barbie” Movie

10 months ago

The influence of the Barbie movie appears to be boundless. In a rather intriguing development, women have been deeply moved by Barbie’s narrative to the extent that some are ending their relationships if their partners fail to connect with it. An influx of accounts has surfaced on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok. Today we want to share one of these stories posted by a Reddit user.

I’m feeling lost seeking advice/validation after watching the Barbie movie with my boyfriend. I was excited due to Greta Gerwig and he liked Ryan Gosling. I hoped he’d grasp its message. He grew uneasy and told me he was really offended by the movie, suggesting it was for my girlfriends. He often made disrespectful comments about women and the LGBTQ community. I was tired of his attitude and told him it was over.

He lived with me, and the living situation was tough. I asked him to leave after the Barbie movie incident, and he left without a place to go. His brother contacted me, saying he was missing for 24 hours. I blame myself. He took things like food, batteries, and blankets, which makes sense now that I know he had nowhere to go. He’s now two states away, and I’m worried. It’s surreal how a Barbie movie led to all this.

Later the woman made another post where she updated on the whole situation:

I thought I loved him but undervalued myself. His friend called and said he is happier without me, mentioned he was with someone else, and hung up. The craziest part: he’s at his cousin’s confirmed by his brother. This might be the story’s perfect ending.

He took house stuff out of spite — batteries, hair dryer. How he got to his cousin’s is unknown. The hair dryer may be being used by his cousin/girlfriend now. In the spirit of Barbie, she can have it.

  • Embrace your self-worth: If you don’t feel okay staying in these relationships, you shouldn’t do it. Clearly, the movie itself wasn’t the reason, but the final straw to say ’enough is enough’. It’s important to value yourself and prioritize your happiness. You deserve a partner who treats you with respect and kindness.
  • You aren’t responsible for his actions post-breakup, so you shouldn’t be worried too much about him. He probably couldn’t travel to two states with all the stuff on his own. You couldn’t have predicted how things would unfold. You made the decision you felt was right based on the circumstances and the way you were being treated.
  • Reach out to supportive people: Lean on friends and family for emotional support during this time. It can be helpful to talk about your feelings and concerns with people who care about you. Their validation will give you higher confidence that all you did was right.
  • Learn and grow: It’s great that you’re able to move on without feeling devastated. This suggests growth and emotional resilience. Use this experience to understand what you truly need in a relationship. Every experience, even the difficult ones, can teach us valuable lessons. Use this experience to better understand what you want and need in a future relationship.
  • Let it go: While it’s unfortunate that some items were taken out of spite, try to detach from the material things. They’re replaceable, and your emotional well-being is more important. The hair dryer and other possessions are just things. Letting go of any attachment to them can be liberating and a step toward closure.
  • Reflect on your relationships: Take some time to reflect on the patterns you’ve noticed in your past relationships. This self-reflection can help you identify any potential red flags and make more informed choices in the future. Reflect also on the message of the Barbie movie you watched together. Let it remind you of the importance of self-empowerment, standing up for your beliefs, and valuing yourself in any relationship.

This story shows that while choosing our partner we shouldn’t think only about our romantic feelings but also pay attention to their worldviews and values. People on the net usually share their stories about why they refused to date someone that may actually teach us all.


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