“I Couldn’t Stand My Skin Anymore,” a Grandma Spends Her ALL SAVINGS on Tattoos

7 months ago

People can express themselves in any way and at any age. For instance, Kerstin Tristan, a 56-year-old woman, covered her entire body in tattoos. This extraordinary transformation drained her real lifetime savings, a significant amount of money.

It serves as a remarkable reminder that self-expression knows no age limits. Kerstin’s decision to embrace such a unique and personal form of self-expression is a testament to the idea that people can choose to manifest their innermost desires and creativity, regardless of their age.

She hated tattoos at first

Introducing Kerstin Tristan, a 56-year-old mother and grandmother whose striking feature is her full-body tattoo coverage. The incredible amount she invested in this transformation is truly noteworthy.

It’s rather amusing, as Kerstin initially strongly disliked tattoos. However, her perspective underwent a complete transformation after she got her first one back in 2015. Now adorned with tattoos featuring flowers, birds, and various animals, she radiates happiness when she gazes upon herself. “I simply just wanted to try something new. We all live just once, and I thought that at my age, something real has to come,” she said.

During an interview, Kerstin also revealed that tattoos make her feel more comfortable in her own skin. “I simply couldn’t stand my skin anymore,” she revealed.

She invested more than 30,000 euros for tattoos

Since 2015, she has invested over 30,000 euros in her body art. Fortunately, her venture has yielded positive results, as she now boasts over a million people view 190,000 followers on Instagram and her TikTok videos.

Whether heavily tattooed or not, the truth remains that we have the freedom to choose how we wish to present ourselves to the world. Kerstin is not the sole example of someone who has chosen to showcase tattoos across her body. Numerous celebrities opt for body ink, although they may occasionally conceal them with clothing or makeup.


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