I Do My Kids’ Homework for Them So They Don’t Get Stressed, People Call Me “a Bad Mom”

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8 months ago

The ordeal of school homework has been the subject of many parenting debates over the years. While some parents believe it’s good for a kid to stick their head down and just get their tasks done, there’re other parents who insist on giving their kids some time off after long hours at school. One mum has admitted she does her kids’ homework for them, so they don’t get stressed, and provoked an avalanche of criticism from other parents.

Lottie took to TikTok with a revelation addressed to parents.

The US mum, Lottie Weaver, took to a social network with a video that was full of parenting revelations. The woman shared with all her subscribers a list of controversial things she and her husband do while being parents to their kids.

The mom told about prioritizing her relationship with her spouse and called it “having the most honest relationship” with her kids. She listed a handful of things she does as a mum that some other parents may totally disagree with.

Mom’s opinion about homework was the keynote of her message.

Lottie has three daughters, who’re in Year 5, Year 3, and kindergarten. Lottie explained her opinion that the huge additional pressure to complete homework is “not worth it”, and sparked a furious debate.

Her kids take part in many after-school activities like cheerleading and sports, and they often come back home from school very tired. The woman highlighted that, instead of making them doing their homework, she would just do it herself. She explained this parenting decision by her wish to help them avoid stress over math’s problems they don’t have time to do. She admitted that she felt some people would call it wrong, but she said she doesn’t care and would still do this for her kids.

Lottie explained why she chose this uncommon parenting approach.

Lottie explained that besides the time pressure, there was another reason she would help her kids out. She said that some of her daughters’ projects were too difficult. “Some of these projects these teachers give ... I mean, the kids are seven years old,” she said.

Lottie added that despite doing the homework for her kids, she is eager to raise her kids to be honest and strong. She admitted trying not to baby them when they fall and expressed the wish to raise them to be strong personalities.

The mom received tons of critical comments from other parents.

Many users supported the mom’s opinion that children shouldn’t be expected to do their homework after school. One person said they were even so glad they weren’t the only one who does their kids’ homework when they have other things going on. Another user praised Lottie for an amazing parenting style and added they’d aspire to try it when they become a parent.

But the majority of users started slamming Lottie for inappropriate parenting, blaming her of raising entitled and lazy kids. Others said that no-homework philosophy worked for them best, praising their kids’ schools for not assigning homework to them at all.

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