I Don’t Know How to Tell My Husband About Our Son’s New Girlfriend

2 months ago

A woman wrote to Reddit to ask people for a piece of advice about her complicated family situation. One of her sons, who’s been very unlucky in his private life, has finally met his love. But when the woman met her son’s girlfriend in person and talked to her, she was left in a slight shock because of what the girl revealed about herself. Now the woman doesn’t know how to tell her husband about her son’s beloved, because he might disapprove of their relationship.

A woman has 3 sons, and one of them has been very unhappy.

A woman, 55, came to Reddit to write about her complicated issue. She started her story, telling a bit about her family. She has 3 sons: 32, 28, and 26. All of her sons are very successful young men and are on their own. Her oldest and youngest were always very outgoing and were kind of party animals in high school and college.

The woman’s middle son is focused on his grades and future from a young age. He moved out the youngest into his own home. The woman continues her story, saying that her middle son had a very bad ex-girlfriend.

She wrote, “I would like to say worse, but I read the rules here. Basically, they dated since 17 and she cheated on him several times. My son never left because he loved her, but eventually he realized she was a bad woman and left her. Only took eight years. Anyway, my oldest got married at 29 and my youngest is engaged.”

Recently, the woman’s middle son finally found happiness.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that her middle son’s relationship with the rest of the family has been pretty tough. His brothers showed not the best attitude towards him because he is single. But she has always known that his ex kind of messed up his life in relation to love and confidence. She wrote that his brothers just don’t understand what he went through.

The woman’s husband agrees with this position. Six months ago, he started dating a new girl, that they just met recently. The woman confessed that she was happy to hear that he found someone. She is very educated and smart, according to him. They have similar personalities and interest. Considering that her middle son is kind of a nerd, that made her very happy to hear the news.

Anyway, the woman wanted to meet her immediately. Her son said that she is very shy and it would take her time. Six months later, she told him that she is ready to meet them. So Friday afternoon, her husband decides to grill. Everyone comes over. Then the woman’s son and his new girlfriend show up.

The woman didn’t expect to reveal some information about her son’s beloved.

The woman wrote that the day of their meeting has finally come. She describes it as a good one, saying, “This beautiful girls walks in holding his hand and standing behind him. He was right, she is very shy. We all introduce are self, and we will call her Sadie. Sadie was quiet but sad hi to everyone. She honestly associated the most with our dog that night. My sons go out and help their dad cook. My daughter-in-law goes out with my grandbaby, and soon to be daughter-in-law and her are best friends as they go out together.”

The woman further asked if Sadie would like to help her finish the sides and chop some stuff. She said sure. She just asked how they met and typical conversations. Eventually, her son came in and poked her back. She gave him a “really” look and hit in the arm, and he grabbed her and picked her up as they laughed.

The woman goes on, saying, “I say put her down, don’t be so rough on her. My son just says okay, put her down and goes back out. I said, ‘sorry, three boys. Sometimes they are a little too rough, but he is harmless’. She said, ‘I know he is. I used to wrestle with my dad and brother growing up, too’. I said, ‘Your mom let her daughter wrestle her older brother and dad?’ She said, ‘Well, I used to be a boy, so I guess it was different’ and giggled.”

The woman was shocked at the beginning, and later she found out that her son was pretty aware of that information and was okay with that.

Now the mother doesn’t know what to do further.

The woman is now all at a loss. She wrote, “To be honest, I am very surprised, but my son has never been so happy, so I dropped it. I honestly just couldn’t believe it. I mean, you would never know. She is gorgeous. She asked if I thought of her different. I said that you make my son happy and as long as you treat him right, I won’t care. She just said thank you. I called my son today because his dad wants to get to know her more and wants to go to dinner with just them and us. He said sure.”

And then she points out the issue that may occur because of her son’s new girlfriend. The woman writes, “I brought up our conversation, and he said he knows. He said that she is just really shy about it, doesn’t talk about it at all. She just tries to run under the radar. He said that since you know, we need to tell dad, but they discussed me kind of pre-telling my husband. Before tomorrow evening.”

And here’s yet another story about a complex family dilemma. A woman kicked out her pregnant daughter from her house, together with her 6 kids, and the reason for it might make you think she’s right.


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