“I Felt a Lot of Shame,” Mandy Moore Opens Up About Her Motherhood Journey

5 months ago

Mandy Moore, the renowned actress and singer, is celebrating her 39th birthday on April 10th. Fans worldwide are sending warm wishes to the talented artist on this special day. Besides being a successful performer, Mandy recently embraced motherhood and is now raising two sons with her husband, Taylor Goldsmith. From her breakout role in “A Walk to Remember” to her current starring role in the hit television series “This Is Us,” Mandy has consistently impressed audiences with her acting skills. However, her most significant and challenging role to date is being a mom. Mandy has been candid about her journey to motherhood and the hurdles she faced along the way.

It wasn’t easy at first.

As a first-time mom, Mandy found the experience of taking care of a newborn baby and adapting to a new lifestyle to be overwhelming. Motherhood is a challenging journey for all first-time moms. “I watched my husband effortlessly step into it. Everything he did seemed easy. I felt a lot of shame and a lot of guilt. But friends told me, ‘Find some grace and patience for yourself, and know that all of this is new.’ Suddenly, we glided into a new phase and Gus preferred me to my husband. And it’s going to change again. It’s a roller coaster,” she shared.

She admitted she felt lost at times.

First-time mothers often experience physical and emotional exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. They may also feel a sense of isolation and loneliness as they navigate the new role of being a parent, and Moore was no exception. “I had no idea what I was in for. I mean, there’s so much emphasis on pregnancy! Then the baby comes, and it’s suddenly all about the baby, and you just figure it out. I honestly felt a little forgotten and lost,” she said.

She now enjoys every moment of being a mom.

Mandy acknowledges that the newborn phase passes quickly and wants to cherish every moment. “I know how special and how precious this time is with him being this age and at this stage. So, I’m trying to embrace this sleeplessness,” she shared.

She tries to find some time for herself.

Being a full-time mom leaves little time for self-care. However, Mandy emphasizes the importance of self-care and gives herself grace when she cannot practice it. Finding some time for herself after her kids are asleep is something Mandy tries to do, like most moms. “Right now, it’s about having grace — being easy on myself when being able to practice self-care doesn’t feel as available and accessible to me,” the actress said. Just like most moms do, Moore tries to find some time for herself after her kids are asleep. “Putting on a podcast or a jazz record, lighting a candle, getting into a bath by myself once the baby is down — that is the easiest way to decompress,” she shared.


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