“I Felt a Very Deep Connection When I Met Him,” Liv Tyler When She Found Out Who Her Real Dad Was

2 years ago

There are family situations so unique that they are worthy of being included in a prime-time soap opera. Just like that was the childhood of Liv, the actress who, from an early age, brought out her detective skills and discovered that her father was none other than a legendary musician of the rock band.

At Bright Side, we took a look back in time to bring you this story about Liv Tyler’s quirky family.

The beginning of a family

Liv Tyler was originally born Liv Rundgren. The now actress is the daughter of Bebe Buell, a model and singer who shone for her talent in the seventies. During these years, Bebe had an on-and-off relationship with Todd Rundgren, a member of the band Utopia.

But their relationship was not very stable, so in 1976, Bebe met Steven Tyler, the legendary vocalist of Aerosmith, and they had a short romance.

As time went by, and even though they had ended their relationship, Todd decided to take on the role of dad and give his last name to little Liv. Since then, he committed to being an exemplary father, and he kept his promise. Bebe said in an interview that she and Todd made a deal: he would be in charge of being his daughter’s father figure and, if she suspected anything, it would be until the girl turned 18 that they would tell her the truth.

As an adult, Liv reflected on this and mentioned that she is “very grateful to Todd for deciding to be a father figure to me. It’s a big responsibility for a man to say, ’I know this baby may not be mine, but I want to be her father anyway.’”

The discovery of her relation to Steven Tyler

But coming of age to meet her biological father would not be necessary, because Liv’s instinct led her to discover the truth at the age of 8. It was at a concert of the famous singer that the actress noticed something, and her mind started wondering: Mia Tyler, Steven’s second daughter, was there and was identical to her. “I was looking at my twin,” Liv said.

On meeting her real dad, she explains that she felt “a very deep connection when I met him as a child and at first I didn’t know why, but I figured it out pretty quickly.”

After that concert, she decided to ask her mother, and she confirmed that her suspicions were true. The reason they had kept it from him was because Bebe didn’t believe that Steven would be a stable presence in her little girl’s life.

The new relationship with his biological father

From the confession, Steven set about the task of building a relationship with his daughter. As they began to spend time together, the most surprising thing happened, Liv noticed that they shared more than just a kinship, they had mannerisms and a way of being that made them seem like a reflection of each other, even though she hadn’t grown up next to her dad.

In an interview, the actress said: “When I found out that Steven was my dad, it was a moment of great importance, it was almost spiritual.” Over time, their relationship became so strong that, in 1991, the actress decided to take her father’s last name and become Liv Tyler. And she even appeared in the music video for the song “Crazy” by Aerosmith.

Her affection for her adoptive father did not change.

Her bond with Steven didn’t mean a change in the love and appreciation she feels for her other dad, Todd. In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Liv said that she felt “very grateful to Todd, I have so much love for him. When he hugs me, I feel like he’s my dad.”

Undoubtedly, Liv Tyler had a movie-like childhood that has allowed her to have two incredible dads who have given her all their love and support a child could wish for.

How do you think you would react if you heard news like this?


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