“I Got Told My Breasts Are Inappropriate”, a Brave Mother Is Not Reducing Them Just to Please Strangers

8 months ago

Honey Positano is a confident and resilient woman from Melbourne, Australia, who proudly embraces her 38JJ size despite societal expectations. She refuses to bow to pressure and undergo breast reduction surgery merely to satisfy the will of strangers. It’s always important to remember that others’ opinions do not define us.

Meet the mother who refuses to bow in front of societal norms.

Honey Positano has shared her experience of dealing with people’s remarks before, which used to make her feel self-conscious about her breasts.

Since the age of 12, she has struggled with body image concerns, but now she helps other women facing similar issues by sharing body-positive content on Instagram.

Strangers think that she puts them on “display” intentionally.

But this is far from the truth. Despite strangers commenting that she deliberately flaunts them, she explains that her chest is too large to hide away. She said, “People have always had a way of making me feel that I am putting my breasts on display, regardless of what I’m wearing.”

“In my early 20s I was teased about them being ’saggy’, but the reality is that my breasts weigh over 5 kg, so gravity takes away any chance they have of being perky.”

The mother of two explained that her large chest is passed down through her family, with many women in her family having similar-sized breasts. She has become more confident over the years, but it wasn’t always that way.

Honey has learned to accept the fact that her breasts weigh a lot and gravity affects them when she doesn’t wear a bra.

She thought about reduction surgery before but quickly changed her mind.

Honey admits that she considered having breast reduction surgery, but she wondered if it was worth spending a large amount of money and ending up with a permanent scar. She couldn’t bear the idea of enduring the pain of surgery just to satisfy others’ expectations.

Instead, she has learned to adapt to the weight of her breasts. Furthermore, she refuses to feel pressured by societal norms and encourages others to follow her example by wearing what makes them feel comfortable.

At a younger age, she was also picked on by her teachers.

She said, “I was ridiculed by teachers for wearing the standard school uniform top as it looked ’inappropriate’. When I was younger, I went through stages of covering up as much as possible to then rebelling and dressing as brazen as I could, without being obscene.”

“Now that I’m in my thirties, I just wear what I like, and if it makes people uncomfortable then that says more about the issues they have with their own bodies than it does about mine.”

Postpartum bodies can also be very challenging to accept for many of us. But this mother of 4 beautiful children showed us the insecurities she had and how she’s moved past them, helping us to accept and overcome our own.


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