I Have Spent $73,000 on Surgery and I Don’t Plan on Stopping Anytime Soon

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Meet Patrick, an individual who made headlines for their unique approach to self-expression through cosmetic procedures. Spending a total of £58,000 ($72,719) on Botox, fillers, and surgery to achieve a doll-like appearance, Patrick has become known for their bleach-blonde hair, long lashes, and full lips, often being mistaken for a woman. However, Patrick has made it clear that they don’t identify as female and revealed the true reason why they will not stop getting cosmetic surgery.

Patrick “loves the doll look.”

What’s truly fascinating about Patrick’s approach to self-expression is that they are solely interested in achieving what they call the “plastic look.” This has led them to spend a whopping £58,000 on cosmetic procedures, including the recent addition of a full set of veneers, which cost £2,500.

Patrick began having cosmetic procedures at the age of 18, and they explained that they preferred a more womanly appearance because their natural features were already quite feminine. They shared that they simply love the doll look.

Patrick doesn’t want to change their gender.

According to Patrick, they don’t want to change their gender like some individuals do when pursuing a similar appearance. Patrick also shared that they enjoy switching roles between male and female.

“It is easier for me to adapt to a female face because my natural features weren’t very masculine,” they said. It’s worth noting that since becoming hooked at 18, Patrick has been regularly getting filler every month in various parts of their face like their lips, chin, underneath their eyes, and their cheeks, as well as Botox every 3 months.

And Patrick has no plans to stop getting surgery.

Since their first visit to an aesthetic salon, Patrick has spent a total of £45,500 on Botox and other cosmetic treatments. In addition to fillers and Botox, Patrick has also had a nose job and facelift. “I love the plastic look,” said Patrick.

Patrick’s ultimate goal in undergoing various cosmetic procedures was to attain a symmetrical and flawless appearance, like a doll. They admire the perfection that dolls represent and work toward enhancing their features to achieve a similar look. It’s interesting how people draw inspiration from various sources when it comes to their personal style and appearance.

“I like the look because it shows other people that I take care of myself a lot, and I am a perfectionist. I have spent a lot of money on surgery and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

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This story is a little concerning to me. Let me start by saying that I was a bit confused by the fourth paragraph where the author mentions that, "Patrick has made it clear that they don't identify as a female." , but the very next thing I see is the Instagram photo with their ID name under it, which is patrichia flatwood/ Instagram, which sounds like a female presenting name. I'm honestly asking anyone reading this comment, if you're looking at the profile of a person named Patrichia, even if they're using they/ them pronouns, would you assume that there's some kind of female character at play there? I'm only confused by the part that they don't identify as female but go by a female name, unless there's information not included in the story that explains this or unless that comment is an error. I have absolutely no issues or comments about their life choices regarding their status as LGBTQIA or any I may have missed. I only wish for them is that their mental, emotional, and physical, health, is a priority above and beyond their desire to have the plastic surgeries to further their agenda of looking like a doll with a symmetrical face. I hope that they have support from friends and loved ones in their life as they continue their journey.


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