“I Might Only Have A Few Days Left,” Mark Zuckerberg Honors Wife on Their 20th Anniversary

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6 months ago

Celebrating their undying love and partnership, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, marked their 20th anniversary with a heartfelt private celebration. They are reflecting on their journey from college to becoming parents of three.

The couple made a sweet tribute to each other

Mark made a sweet tribute to his wife to celebrate their two decades of love. He uploaded a throwback picture from their first year together. He also reminisced about how they met for the first time. At that time, Mark only had a few days left before he got kicked out of school.

“20 years since our first date. We met at a going away party my friends threw for me in college when they thought I was about to get kicked out of school. I asked her out but told her we’d need to go out soon since I might only have a few days left. Later on, I started Facebook, we got married, and now have three wonderful girls. What a wild ride,” he said.

Continuing the heartfelt celebration, Priscilla also penned a touching tribute for Mark. She is grateful for how he makes her laugh even after two decades together.

“20 years since our first date. He still makes me laugh constantly, and we are never short of wild adventures. And now we have 3 little ladies riding along with us!”

They met unexpectedly

The pair, both 38, first crossed paths in 2003 at Harvard University while waiting in line for the bathroom at a party hosted by Zuckerberg’s fraternity. In 2010, the lovebirds took the next step by moving in together, and two years later, they surprised their guests by tying the knot in their backyard. The unexpected wedding caught everyone off guard, as attendees initially believed they were there to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation from medical school.

They are still going strong.

Last year, they commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary by reimagining the very photo taken on their wedding day a decade ago. Mark penned, ’’10 years married and half our lives together. Here’s to more adventures.’’

The couple is feeling blessed.

Earlier this year, the Meta CEO was over the moon to become the father of three girls. He joyfully announced on social media that Priscilla gave birth to their third daughter on March 24, 2023.

The proud dad took to both his Facebook and Instagram to share heartwarming photos of his new baby daughter, capturing precious moments with both himself and his wife just after she entered the world.

He wrote, ’’Welcome to the world, Aurelia Chan Zuckerberg! You’re such a little blessing.’’

The couple, already parents to 7-year-old Maxima and 5-year-old August, revealed the news of their third pregnancy in September. Mark shared a heartfelt photo of the two, his hand resting on Priscilla’s stomach, accompanied by the caption, ’Lots of love. Happy to share that Max and August are getting a new baby sister next year!’’

Congratulations to this inspiring couple, and our best wishes go out to this sweet family of 5. Some other celebrities have recently welcomed a baby and chosen to share touching photos of their bundle of joy with the world.


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