I Refused to Move In With My Boyfriend Because He Has No Basic Life Skills

8 months ago

Moving in together is an important step in any relationship, and sometimes, it’s not all that smooth and perfect. The thought of sharing an apartment and splitting the rent initially painted a perfect picture in one of our reader’s head. However, a sudden realization quickly changed her positive attitude to her boyfriend’s suggestion. He has absolutely zero basic life skills, which has become the main issue in their relationship.

We got a message from our reader.

Thanks for getting in touch! We’ve got some advice that might be useful for you in this situation.

Don’t move in just because it’s convenient.

You might be considering cutting down on the rent, but it’s not a good idea. You should only move in with someone who you truly love and know well. If you move in just because it’s convenient, you will eventually feel trapped in the relationship.

You won’t be able to end it because of the rent, and you’ll have to sleep in a bed with someone you might not love anymore. Resentment will grow, and you’ll feel frustrated and helpless. You’re right, your boyfriend should learn some basic life skills. The fact that he got angry proves that he also needs to mature.

Don’t apologize.

Stand your ground, and don’t give in. If he’s not ready to compromise, he’s not ready for a relationship. Even if he learns something, it doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be doing them when he moves in with you. He might still try to find his way out of becoming an adult.

You have nothing to apologize for. Your boyfriend can easily learn those basic skills by watching a YouTube video or reading a book. For now, he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, he’s not willing to learn.

Imagine your future with him.

If you’re still wondering if you should accept his offer or not, just imagine your future life with him. You come home tired after work, and the house is a mess. Your boyfriend hasn’t lifted a finger, crumbs are everywhere, the bathroom is dirty, and smelly socks are scattered around the room. All you want is take a shower and go to bed, but now you have to clean up and cook something for him.

You’ll be working full time at home as well, and if you have kids together, all responsibilities will be on you too. If your boyfriend doesn’t like something, he’ll manipulate you with a silent treatment like he’s doing now.

Consider ending the relationship.

It might be a tough decision to make but, eventually, you’ll dodge a massive bullet. You don’t want to spend years in resentment living with a lazy boyfriend who can’t do even the simplest things around the house. It might hurt now, but, in the end, you will realize that you saved your life. Find someone more responsible or enjoy living alone in your own house.

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