I Sleep in a Real Coffin and It’s a Dream Come True — Here’s My Story

7 months ago

Being “dead to the world” is what you say when you’ve had the best night of sleep possible, but one woman might have taken it a bit more literally by replacing her bed with a coffin. In a viral clip, she showcased her unique sleeping arrangements and why she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is a self-procclaimed “vampire” influencer.

The influencer, known for her social media moniker Sad Spice, took being a Dracula fan to the extreme. Spice is popular for her pixie-blonde look and often shares cosplay outfits with her 600,000 TikTok followers, but her distinctive accessory is a pair of acrylic clip-on vampire fangs, which give her the appearance of a goth vampire reminiscent of characters from Blade movies.

But, the 27-year-old woman from the southern of the United States, peaked and garnered over 1.6 million views on TikTok by revealing she not only keeps a real coffin in her bedroom, but also sleeps in it. She began by explaining that she bought the coffin from a place called “Casket Builder Supply” and had to paint and assemble it herself, like most who purchase a normal bed from a furniture store.

As she went on being candid with her followers, she gave even more fascinating information about her particular choice of “bed.”

It all started when she was still a teenager.

In the viral clip, Spice shared intriguing details about her vampire-like bedroom, including the origin of her desire to sleep in a coffin. According to her, the wish was a long-standing one, tracing back to when she was only 14-years-old, and she wanted an easy way to hide away from her problems. To try and make it happen then, she turned to her parents and asked them to build her a coffin bed. Unfortunately, she had to wait a bit longer for her dream come true as they found the idea weird and said no to it.

Despite their initial objections, she persisted and has finally achieved her goal, as she humorously noted so in the video. However, her boasting didn’t stop there.

She claims it has more than one benefit.

The influencer upgraded the 6-foot-8-inch coffin a bit, since it’s not just used for decoration. Spice said it’s been comfortably lined with 4 inches of memory foam and that, although she doesn’t close the lid when she goes to sleep, it’s not airtight, brushing away claims that it might be dangerous.

Apart from providing a comfortable sleeping spot, Spice thinks the coffin serves as a unique way to filter out undesirable dates, as the influencer jokingly pointed out that no one wants to hang out with someone who keeps a coffin in their room.

Some criticize her, while others understand her point of view.

Because everything is only a matter of perspective, there were very mixed reactions to the whole ordeal in the comment section.

While some of her followers expressed concerns and considered it a red flag or even a possible sign of trauma, others managed to see a more positive side of it and showed support of her unconventional sleeping arrangements. Some even admired her unique lifestyle and, just like her, saw potential benefits, such as improved sleep for night shift workers, the novelty of the concept and even it being an aid for anyone who suffers with migraines.

“Honestly I would love a memory foam padded box to hide in, especially if my migraines came back,” someone wrote. “I would close the lid though.”

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