I Was Newly Married and 9 Weeks Pregnant, When the Doctors Delivered News That Changed My Life Forever

7 months ago

When a woman is pregnant, all she wants to hear from the doctors is good news. That her baby is developing fine, that the results of all screenings are perfect and that the health of a mom-to-be is thriving. But, unfortunately, life is not totally full of optimistic moments, and our today’s heroine knows a lot about it. Meet Victoria Roscow, a woman, who unexpectedly received totally heartbreaking news when she was pregnant, but was able to cope with the bitter dish that life has served her.

Victoria’s life was like a fairy tale, and then it all turned into a nightmare.

Victoria, now 29, was a happy woman, who anticipated a lot of joyful moments ahead. She was newly married, and in love with her husband, Brad. The news about Victoria’s pregnancy only multiplied the couple’s happiness, and they were overjoyed, both looking forward to welcoming their son.

When they had the first scan of the pregnancy, everything seemed just fine. But then, the doctors asked Victoria to wait behind. A consultant asked her to come to a separate room, where Victoria had to wait for some additional information.

Victoria recalls the very moment when she first heard the horrible news. She says, “She sat me down and said that they had identified my platelets were very low, and the reason was that I have HIV.”

Victoria will never forget how shocking the diagnosis was for both her and her husband.

The enormity of her diagnosis is still hard to fathom for the woman. She recalls the first moments after doctors told her the news, which totally shattered her world. Victoria was immediately asked if the medical personnel could tell her husband about her diagnosis. She insisted on them bringing him in immediately and wanted them to tell him exactly what they had told her.

Her husband’s reaction was unbelievable. Victoria recalls how he grabbed her hand and said, “I love you. We’re in this together.” But of course, they were both totally shocked.

Victoria confessed that they both had the dramatic thoughts, trying to figure out, who was the first to have HIV, she or Brad, and who exactly brought it to the family. Victoria recalls how she instantly thought she was going to die, and says the whole diagnosis sounded like a death sentence to her. But, above all, they both worried about the future of their son, yet unborn, and if he would inherit HIV from his mother.

Victoria has finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both of the new parents felt relieved when their baby son was born. Little Harrison is now such a delight for Victoria and Brad, and he’s now a smiley 19-month-old, absolutely healthy kid. He loves “helping” his mom around in the kitchen and no doubt enjoys the endless love of his parents.

Victoria’s husband Brad, 30, is HIV-negative and remains in such a state. Harrison is also negative, and it’s all because antiretroviral drugs Victoria was taking during all her pregnancy. This family prove that HIV is not a death sentence, though they initially treated it exactly like that. Victoria, who thought HIV was a dead end for all of them and who couldn’t stop sobbing at the beginning of their journey, is now radiating optimism and intends to live long and happy life.

The strong woman now encourages many people to not lose their lust of life and optimism.

Victoria didn’t let her diagnosis spoil her life and her motherhood. And she now shares her experience on social media, hoping to let people know more about the realities of life with HIV. Firstly, it started as a video diary for herself more than anything, as the woman was trying to come to terms with her diagnosis. Her blog helped her become comfortable with her condition and become extremely tolerant to it.

Now she believes that she’ll help many people who have HIV, just to accept their diagnoses and be their most authentic self. The woman is also trying to debunk many myths about HIV, and says that HIV is just another health condition, people can live with it normally, and there’re medicines that help them maintain a good life condition.

Victoria proves that her HIV does not define her, she believes it has become just a part of her daily routine, and she wants to instill this thought into the heads and hearts of many people, who are desperate because of their condition.

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