“I’m More Lips Than Human”, a Woman Struggles to Eat Because of Her Big Lips, but She Doesn’t Stop

3 months ago

Vienna Würstel is an extraordinary personality in many aspects. She calls herself a “plastic fantastic” beauty enthusiast, and she has recently left online users in awe with her amazing 30ml lips. The woman constantly faces relentless online trolls, but despite all the criticism she is persistent in her quest for even plumper lips, showcasing her beauty life and challenges on social media.

Vienna has been making quite a stir in the Internet.

Vienna Würstel is a woman who has already had 30ml of lip filler. She is a self-proclaimed “plastic fantastic” beauty influencer, and recently she has left the internet in mixed feelings with her flabbergasting big lips.

Vienna, who lives in Mallorca, Spain, openly revealed that her huge lips make sipping water and drinks a Herculean task. She even dubbed herself “more lips than human.” Vienna doesn’t deny, that with all the attention that she gets from social media users, she faces a huge criticism from many people, who won’t stop leaving nasty comments under all her Instagram photos.

Vienna is very determined in making her lips even bigger.

In her latest TikTok video, the woman revealed that there’s around 30ml of fillers still in her lips, and she hopes she’ll be able to have even more in the future. The brave and determined woman is determined to not stop making her lips even larger, despite all haters comparing her to a duck.

She says, “I really, really wish for even bigger lips and I can’t wait for that.” Vienna confessed that bigger lips are her biggest dream right now. However, some users became really concerned, questioning if Vienna’s plastic surgery procedures are safe enough.

Vienna insists that all beauty procedures are safe and bring her pleasure.

The woman isn’t tired of reassuring her subscribers that her big amounts of filler are absolutely safe. She insists that all her plastic surgeons are professional and highly qualified. She says, “If they weren’t highly qualified, they couldn’t reach the sizes on my face, so yes, I’m safe.”

Despite praising her pout, Vienna still confessed that drinking can sometimes become quite a challenge for her. The plastic surgery fan confessed in another clip that eating goes quite well for her, if only she eats something soft. But drinking beverages turned out to be harder than eating. Vienna revealed that, because of her lips, she feels like it’s hard to function, but at the same time, she considers it to be a challenge that she has to adapt for.

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