Johnny Depp Finally Breaks Silence On His Daughter Dating a Female Rapper

8 months ago

Johnny Depp has a very specific opinion regarding his only daughter dating a female musician. Lily-Rose recently revealed that she’s in a relationship with 070 Shake by sharing a photo of them kissing, even though the couple had been dating since January.

He doesn’t mind it at all.


Lily-Rose, 24, has fallen in love with 25-year-old rapper Danielle Balbuena, who goes by the name 070 Shake, much to the delight of her father, Johnny.

According to an insider, Johnny knew of the romance from its beginning in 2023. The source noted ’’Johnny was one of the first people to know about Danielle because Lily and he share everything with each other.’’

The source added that the actor doesn’t have a problem that his daughter is now dating a woman, given that he himself was married to Amber Heard, who was openly bisexual.
The source explained that even though Depp’s relationship with Heard didn’t work out, ’’Lily grew up knowing this and normalized it. Amber was not secret about her past with anyone in Johnny’s family.’’

His daughter’s happiness comes first.

KCS/East News

The insider noted that ’’Lily believes she is in love’’ and that is all that matters to Johnny. Because he wants his daughter ’’to love and be loved by someone who deserves her.’’

Lily Rose had dated men in the past, but according to the source, her famous dad ’’has not been the biggest fan of some of her ex-boyfriends.’’

Him and 070 Shake have a similar vibe.

Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Abaca/East News, CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/East News

According to the source, one interesting detail that makes Johnny extra happy is that his daughter ’’is with a musician because he is a musician.’’

The source explained that Depp ’’sees similarities in style and overall vibe between himself and Danielle,’’ adding that ’’they say that girls fall for guys like their dads, but it seems that girls fall for girls like their dads too.’’

It is always important to know what parents think about their children’s relationships and whether or not they approve of the person they are dating. And this is what Jon Bon Jovi thinks about his son Jack getting engaged to Millie Bobby Brown at just 20.

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