Keep Calm and Get Your House in Order With These 8 Quick-Working Products

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Robots will learn how to do your daily chores by watching you do them. Isn’t that surreal? Imagine that you’ll be setting a table one day, and they’ll be helping you every step of the way. Scientists work so bots can intuitively learn new tasks without coding.

Surely, we look forward to this. But for now, we can manage to do our daily tasks ourselves — but not without a little help. Check out these cool cleaning products and find out how they can work their magic.

1. This humble, flexible sink-cleaning brush is scary effective and will free your drain from hair and gunk.

The device is made from iron wire and plastic bristles. It is flexible enough to change its shape so that it can be smoothly inserted into any pipe.

Promising review:

Been having trouble with drainage down my sink for ages. Brought this, and it took 8 seconds to clear it out, so it was so easy, but a bit harder to clean the bristles. But still, brilliant. — Sue

2. You can save lots of time and energy on washing dishes and other stuff with this soap-dispensing brush, while keeping your hands clean and dry.

This gizmo has a non-slip handle, which is a plus. The brush head can be easily replaced with a new one.

How to use it:

  • Open the upper part by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Inject your favorite soap inside.
  • After that, carefully lock the device.
  • Squirt soap out with a light push of the button on top.

Promising review:

So handy for washing up! Love these!! — pin

3. A Sonic Scrubber set with 4 brushes really makes a difference and will clean even deeply rusted pipes without much effort on your part.

It can be used in a lot of different places, including around windows, different joints, cracks, interior panels, meshing, and more.

The package includes:

  • A Sonic Scrubber tool
  • 1 cone brush
  • 1 soft brush
  • 1 all-purpose brush
  • 1 lug nut brush

Promising review:

I thought I’d give this a real test by using it on the rust that had built up on my mountain bike forks. Within no time at all, the rust was gone; it even removed a lot of the scratches and pitting, which I wasn’t expecting. I used it with Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste, but bearing in mind my bike is over 15 years old, I was very happy with the results. I can’t wait to try it on more things! — J. Williams

4. This electric spin scrubber will make the surfaces unrecognizably clean, as it can run for a really long time, about 80 minutes when fully charged.

The device charges surprisingly fast — it can work for about 15 minutes after only 5 minutes of charging. It comes with 4 replaceable, adjustable brush heads. They have long, shed-resistant bristles and won’t scratch any surfaces.

Promising review:

I needed to give my shower room a good cleaning; the tiles had invisible scum on them due to others not removing excess water after bathing, and the door had built-up limescale. I used the recommended brush head and got stuck in; the results were amazing. The tapered bristles got into every nook and cranny and removed everything. The door, after using it along with the Viakal, came up as clean as anything. I then got carried away and did my oven door; that, too, with the help of some Mr. Muscle, came out really well.
I used the green scouring pad for that job. Overall, I’m really pleased with it. It comes with 3 different scouring pads and 2 brush heads. It charges via USB (lead included) and feels really sturdy and robust. The great little gadget helps immensely with those dreaded cleaning jobs. I can definitely recommend it. — Streetwise1965

5. This handy scraper with a blade guard will surely transform lots of window-like surfaces and make them look new again.

It’s made from molded plastic. Keep in mind that the packaging and color may vary.

Promising review:

Did a great job of scraping burnt bits off my oven door (which was already scratched from previous cleaning attempts). I panicked somewhat when it came with no instructions, as I’m a complete novice. So I followed some advice online, and it worked brilliantly! The key tips are to always keep the glass wet and don’t scratch back and forth; just go in a forward motion and then take it off and repeat. — Metal Elfie

6. Such kinds of scrubbing brushes are an unreplaceable classic — you’ll always need one to clean hard floors, tiles, tubs, clothing, carpeting, and some other rough surfaces.

These brushes come with a hang-up hole for easy storage. They are made of durable plastic. And the bristles are also very sturdy and stiff.

Promising review:

Great to have in any household that does a lot of cooking! The tool is easy to use, and the main brush is really all you need to get all the pots and plates shiny and clean. — Beatriz

7. This plunger that’s designed especially for toilets may look like a toy, but will work like a powerful unblocking machine.

Unlike a traditional plunger, this one is pushing water, not just air, at the blockage. So you don’t need to form a seal. The gadget is easy to clean and store afterward.

Promising review:

No exaggeration. This is the best plunger ever. Our toilet had been blocked for 2 days and would not drain. I managed to move a bit with a rod down the U-bend (then the little brush on the end of the rod somehow came off in the unbending, but that’s another story), but the mucky water was leaking down the wall outside due to the blockage.
I read the reviews and went for it...and I was not disappointed. The force of the water in the bellows design cleared the blockage in around 7 or 8 “pumps,” saving us a fortune on getting a plumber out. Amazing. — lisa stevens

8. Don’t sleep on this pipe-cleaning spiral tool — it will work wonders!

Due to its good flexibility, it will rid hard-to-reach places of hair and dirt. The product has a handy wooden handle, which makes it very comfortable to use.

Promising review:

Great for getting into awkward places! Managed to clean out clogged bathroom pipes, and the amount of yucky stuff that came out was probably equal to a small rat, which is totally gross, so you do need to have a strong stomach, as other reviewers have suggested. But now everything is draining as it’s meant to. :)
I had already cleared the U-bends prior to buying this and worked out how to get to the rest of the pipes without going through the U-bends, which are a bit tricky to get around. So this did reach those hard-to-get-to places, and it’s a great length, so, you know, probably the whole pipe all the way to the outlet is now gross-stuff-free. — Amazon Customer

What chores aren’t your favorites? What do you do to make them more tolerable?

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