Kraken vs Cthulhu: Who’s #1 Sea Monster Legend?

10 months ago

The sky is burning... The world’s oceans are foaming... Thunder and lightning are shaking the air... Two of the most terrible and powerful monsters collide in a duel. A harbinger of the end of the world! Just the sight of this monster can drive anyone mad. Great and atrocious Cthulhu!

And the biggest squid on the planet is fighting against it! A beast that knows no fear because it’s fear itself! The cause of a thousand shipwrecks. The mighty and hideous Kraken! Let the most epic fight in the history of the Universe begin!

You’re on a fishing boat sailing in a calm ocean. The water is crystal clear, and there’s no wind. The sea merges with the horizon. The land isn’t visible, and you feel free. You look over the side of the boat and notice something strange in the water.

You’re floating in the center of a huge black spot surrounded by a wide field of green. What’s that? Did oil spill into the water that took on such a strange hue? Then why is it so perfectly round? Suddenly, you realize what it is and the blood freezes in your veins.

The black circle is the pupil in the center of a huge green eye. The thing that’s looking right at you from the water right now is so big that your ship looks like a speck next to it. It’s the Kraken. But don’t worry. The monster isn’t interested in small prey like you. The Kraken has been sinking ships for centuries and never met any decent resistance.

There are thousands of boats lying on the seafloor, but what’s the point? The Kraken longs for a real challenge, but can’t find it. The largest mammal on Earth is the blue whale, which is no more than a pet goldfish for the Kraken. Even a megalodon could easily lose to the tentacled beast in battle. Maybe look for some great monster on the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

No, the pressure is too high and there’s almost nothing living there. But then, the Kraken has an idea!
It goes to the most remote place on Earth. A place rarely visited and poorly explored. This place is called Point Nemo. Here, deep below the ocean surface, lies the ancient city of R’lyeh, built long before the appearance of humans, and amidst the slumbering ruins, the huge and powerful Cthulhu is dreaming.

This ancient demigod has been resting here for hundreds of millennia. All this time, Cthulhu has been waiting for its hour to wreak havoc on Earth. It’s sleeping, but even in its dreams, Cthulhu communicates with members of its very own cult following. It uses telepathy to get into their minds and make them do atrocious things...

But all of a sudden, Cthulhu’s slumber is interrupted. Who dares wake it so rudely? Cthulhu opens its angry red eyes overgrown with seaweed and sees a huge squid in front of it. The Kraken has finally found a worthy opponent. Immediately it pounces on Cthulhu and wraps its tentacles around the monster’s head. The fight begins.

Cthulhu heavily pushes off from the seafloor and rushes to the surface, dragging the Kraken with it.
Two giant monsters, larger than the tallest skyscrapers, emerge from the water. The sea is raging, and clouds are gathering over the battlefield. Enraged, Cthulhu strikes at the Kraken, but it doesn’t seem to feel anything. Lightning flashes in the black and churning clouds.

Cthulhu tries to tear the Kraken off itself, but the squid’s tentacles firmly grasp the green monster. Meanwhile, you’re on your way to Point Nemo to watch the battle unfold. You need to sail from the coast of Chile, and strange things are happening there right now. Hundreds of sailors are climbing on board dozens of ships.

There are ordinary fishing vessels, as well as heavily armed and loaded Navy ships. And when you ask anyone where all these people are going, they all give you a dark look and answer: “Into eternity.” The Kraken is taking the upper hand, and Cthulhu calls its followers to help. It hopes the ships will be able to help defeat the enemy. But it’ll be two days before the first of them arrive from land.

Cthulhu finally tears off the Kraken and throws it into the water. The squid attacks again, but Cthulhu grabs it by the tentacles and lifts it above its head. Lightning strikes the Kraken, but it’s no more than a spark to the giant monster.

At the same time, the entranced sailors stand on deck and look in the direction of the battlefield. At night, they fall asleep and see the same dream about the ancient city of R’lyeh. In the center of it, there’s a twisted chapel, and inside, Cthulhu sits on its throne, calling its followers.

Day and night and day the monsters have been fighting each other with their last strength. And at last, tiny dots gather around them. The ships have arrived! They’re ready to attack the Kraken, and Cthulhu gives them a mental order.

But the Kraken has its own ace up its sleeve. It hadn’t been sinking ships just for fun. Very often, it saved thousands of marine creatures caught in fishing nets. And now, they and their offspring from all over the ocean come to help the Kraken. Huge octopuses, blue whales, great white sharks, electric eels — they’re all attacking enemy ships.

Whales are ramming the submarines, and eels are turning vehicle engines off with their electric discharges. Suddenly, the Kraken dives under the water. Did it give up? Got scared? Not likely. Cthulhu looks out into the ocean and waits for the squid to attack.

The Kraken swims beneath the fighting people and fish. It starts twisting its tentacles, creating a huge whirlpool. The ships are doomed now, and Cthulhu can only rely on itself. The Kraken is a powerful creature, but it’s an animal after all, while Cthulhu is incredibly intelligent, albeit malevolent.

It understands that the Kraken is a sea monster and can be defeated once on land. Cthulhu’s roar shakes the skies. Lightning bolts strike the ocean. The water is boiling. The ancient city of R’lyeh is rising from the bottom of the sea.

The Kraken can’t escape here, it needs water. The squid fights Cthulhu with the last of its strength, but without its element, it quickly loses. Cthulhu is victorious. Now, being woken, it’s going to destroy the rest of the world, as was foretold.

But the fight couldn’t have gone unnoticed. Thanks to satellite data, the world already knows what’s happened. And a plan has been devised to put down the ancient monster in case it wins.

Fighter jets enter the scene and attack Cthulhu. The monster raises its arms to the sky. Clouds are gathering around it. An electric discharge sparkles in the clouds and electricity disappears within a few hundred miles — including the electronics on board the jets.

They’re falling down into the water. There’s no way to defeat the mythic beast... But what is it? Satellites are suddenly falling from the sky in dozens.

Cthulhu didn’t know that Point Nemo is the dumping ground for space debris. Since this is the farthest point from Earth, it’s safe to drop idle satellites here. Right now, hundreds of them are falling on the ancient city and bombarding the monster.

Disoriented by the sudden assault, Cthulhu retreats back underwater along with its city. Then and there, it decides to go back to sleep for another thousand years and wait for a perfect moment to ruin the world. Cthulhu’s mind-controlling ability made all the witnesses of the battle forget what they saw. Humanity is again unaware of the dangers from the depths.

Cthulhu doesn’t want people to be ready for its awakening. If you enter these coordinates in the GPS, you’ll see where Point Nemo is. In 1997, oceanographers recorded a mysterious sound from the depths of the sea. It was called the “Bloop” and can be easily found on the Internet.

This event led many people to believe in the existence of Cthulhu. But the panic didn’t last long. It turned out that the “Bloop” was the sound of a glacier splitting. Or maybe it’s Cthulhu that made people think that way? Who knows?


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