Let’s Find Out What These Famous Actresses’ Sisters Look Like

3 years ago

Family is important in every person’s life but one’s future depends on many different factors. It’s a known fact that siblings can choose different paths in life. This is exactly what happened to the women featured in today’s article, along with their sisters (with rare exceptions).

Here at Bright Side, we found out what famous actresses’ sisters look like and what they do. We were really surprised to learn how different these sisters’ lives turned out.

Michelle and Dedee Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer’s younger sister also chose an acting career. Unfortunately, she hasn’t become as famous as her sister. Dedee hasn’t had prominent parts in any big films yet. However, she has appeared in various TV series and B movies.

Nicole and Antonia Kidman

The younger and only sister of the Oscar-winning actress is a popular Australian journalist and TV presenter. Antonia is a mother of 6 children from 2 different marriages.

Laetitia and Marie-Ange Casta

29-year-old Marie-Ange followed in her older sister’s footsteps and became a model and actress. She does acts in movies, and is the face of Mango and Vichy brands. Last year she married a French comic named Marc-Antoine Le Bret.

Grace Kelly and her sisters Margaret (left) and Elizabeth (right)

Grace’s younger sister Elizabeth was an accomplished athlete. She was even the captain of her university’s hockey team. She was one of the first women to appear on the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine. Very little is known about Margaret though.

Anita and Inga Ekberg

Fellini’s muse, Anita Ekberg, had 7 siblings. Unfortunately, very little is known about Inga. All we have are a few pictures with her famous sister.

Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac

Catherine’s older sister was an actress too. Françoise was expected to become an international movie star. She became famous in France and was successfully moving toward Hollywood. Unfortunately, Françoise’s plans were interrupted by a terrible car accident. Françoise died at the age of 25.

Ava and Beatrice (far left) Gardner

Hollywood legend, Ava Gardner, had 4 sisters but she was especially close with her oldest, Beatrice. It becomes obvious when you see how many pictures they had together.

Vanessa and Alysson Paradis

The younger sister of the famous French actress has also become an actress. However, she isn’t as famous as Vanessa — but we believe she still has a lot ahead of her.

Joan and Jackie Collins

Joan’s younger sister Jackie was a successful writer and her books have sold over 500 million copies. She wrote 32 novels, all of which have appeared on The New York Times Best Seller list.

Penélope and Mónica Cruz

Penelope’s younger sister Monica became famous after she participated in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as her sister’s double. However, as it turns out, that wasn’t the only movie Monica appeared in. She’s actually taken part in 15 different projects.

Sharon and Kelly Stone

Kelly is 3 years younger than her famous sister and does charity work. She and Sharon are the founders of Planet Hope, a foundation that helps children in critical situations.

Sophia Loren and Maria Scicolone

Sophia’s younger sister Maria is an author of culinary books and she often participates in TV shows. She was married to Italian musician Romano Mussolini and has 2 children.

Brigitte and Mijanou Bardot

Brigitte’s younger sister also acted when she was young and was quite successful at it. However, in 1968, she decided to leave the profession to be with her family. Currently, Mijanou and her husband, Patrick Bauchau, live in Los Angeles and have a daughter together named Camille.

Ornella Muti and Claudia Rivelli

Ornella’s older sister Claudia also dreamt about having a movie career but fate had other plans for her. She acted in only one film. She’s been married to Paolo Leone, the son of the ex-president of Italy, Giovanni Leone, for many years. The couple has 2 children.

Do you have a sister? Do you both have similar lives? Tell us in the comments below.


when you see Penelope and Monica Cruz you can't really tell who is the actor and who is the double ?
Joan and Jackie look really simimlar, I think Jackie looks better of the 2

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