Lil Nas X Responds to Fierce Criticism of His Controversial Tampon Costume

7 months ago

Lil Nas X made a splash this Halloween by showcasing not just one, two, or even three but four distinct outfits. However, it was his fourth and final look that caused a social media frenzy and garnered significant attention.

His costumes were unique and eye-catching.

Lil Nas X showcased 4 different Halloween costumes this year. His first ensemble was reminiscent of a white wedding dress, featuring lace, shin-high boots, pearls, and a stunning feather headdress. The second look paid homage to the rock and roll legend Little Richard, complete with a lip-synced video recreating a moment from the singer’s life. His third costume was a playful take on one of his own red carpet looks, humorously dialing down the quality for added comedic effect.

It was his 4th look that sparked a wave of criticism.

Lil Nas X faced significant backlash when he posted a clip of himself dressed as a bloody tampon while walking down the street, and many of his fans were extremely displeased with this choice of costume. One person wrote, “It’s really hard being a woman, and having a menstrual cycle is nothing to play about.” Another comment expressed a similar view, “I’m not judging you. But I don’t need you to disrespect women.”

Lil Nas X stood his ground and responded to all the negative comments.

Lil Nas X didn’t shy away from addressing the backlash, stating, “I’ve been silent for nearly 2 years y’all are not finna pretend to be mad about a tampon costume. Let me at least get new music out first.” Lil Nas X has a history of dressing in ways that provoke controversy, but it appears that negative feedback does not deter him in the least.

As is the tradition every year, celebrities dazzled us with their 2023 Halloween costumes, offering fresh and unique ideas while paying meticulous attention to every detail, from makeup to outfit intricacies.

Preview photo credit lilnasx / Instagram


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