Little “Boss Baby” Dance Star Is Inspiring Millions by Defying Gender Norms

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11 months ago

Meet Brody Schaffer, the sensational 7-year-old known as “Boss Baby Sassy Brody.” With over 5 million followers on social media, Brody is a remarkable dancing prodigy inspiring millions to embrace their true selves. His energetic dance moves, infectious joy, and sassy personality have captured hearts worldwide, making a powerful impact on self-expression and individuality.

A natural born dancer

Brody’s passion for dance started “in the womb,” according to his mom, Danielle. She says that he was a “late walker” but started dancing early on, explaining, “It was around 18 months when he started to walk, but the dancing, I say, started at 12 months.” She shared that her family loves music and listens to it “24 hours a day,” but neither she, her husband, nor her other 3 kids have that kind of talent.

Despite not having any professional training, Brody has a natural talent for ballet. “He’s the epitome of the word ’natural,’” his mom explains, adding that numerous professional dancers have reached out to her, amazed by his abilities. She says that dancing brings him so much joy that he does it “all day through the night,” admitting that sometimes she can’t stop him.

Brody likes trying out different outfits.

This joyful, fun-loving kid likes expressing his personality through dance costumes. “I like stylish things, and glitter, and pink dresses,” he said. Recognizing their son’s passion, Danielle and her husband made it a point to unconditionally support Brody in his endeavors.

“If Brody wants to dress in his sister’s costumes, so be it. If he wants to wear Elsa and Anna costumes, we will gladly put them on him. He’s a child, and as long as he’s kind, that’s all we care about,” she said, adding that it’s important to “let our kids shine and break gender barriers.”

His talent has already caught Hollywood’s attention.

At the tender age of 4, Brody made his mark on the entertainment industry. His exceptional skills caught the attention of Niall Horan, leading him to star in the music video for, “No Judgement.” Since then, Brody’s star has continued to rise, appearing on notable shows, like ABC’s Disney Family Singalong, alongside renowned celebrities, such as Ryan Seacrest, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé.

Brody’s parents continue to nurture his talent.

The first time Brody put on his sister’s dress, his parents didn’t feel like they should discourage him, sharing, “He was exploring, he was having fun, it was a moment, and it continued on.” His mom says it’s been a very exciting journey, and she’s glad to see a lot of supportive comments.

Danielle emphasizes that there’s a “bigger picture” behind a little boy who likes dancing. “He’s representing change — that children can be who they’re meant to be,” she said.

Although reactions to Brody’s dancing are mainly positive, Danielle admits that she has encountered a lot of negative comments from people on social media, accusing her of ruining her son’s childhood and not raising him “as a boy.” But for her family, the most important thing is that their children are happy. She encourages other parents to celebrate their kids, regardless of gender norms and social expectations.


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