Man Falls in Love With a Stranger on Tinder, Who Decides to Donate His Kidney to Him

2 years ago

Some love stories are indeed written in the stars and this one just might be one of our favorites! Reid and Rafael met on a dating app and fell in love. But Reid didn’t know his life was going to be changed forever, for the better.

Bright Side had the opportunity to interview Reid Alexander and get some details about this fairytale-like love story.

A swipe that bloomed into so much more.

Back in August 2020, Reid Alexander and Rafael Díaz met on Tinder. Their chemistry was unmatched starting with their first date and they became inseparable. They’ve been together ever since then, bonding over their favorite cuisine and shared love for each other.

Rafael was determined to make things better for Reid.

Reid found out he suffered from Alport syndrome when he was 17-years-old but things started to get worse as the disease progressed in September 2020. He was in need of a kidney transplant. As Rafael learned about Reid’s situation, he did everything he could to learn about the syndrome and take care of his partner.

Soon after Reid’s fistula graft surgery, to his surprise, Rafael told him he wanted to get tested and see if he could be a donor. “My initial reaction was shocked and I kept telling him no, that he didn’t have to do that. I was surprised that someone I had just met and started dating would want to do something like that for me.”

The match on Tinder turned out to be a match for Reid’s kidney, and the perfect match for his life.

Rafael proved he isn’t one to give up, as he kept trying to convince Reid to get on board with his idea for months. Finally, they both agreed to testing and checking to see if Rafael could be a donor, and well... it was a match!

To top it all off, on the 13th of February 2021, Rafael popped the question, and Reid said yes. “It was perfect in every way possible. He did such an amazing job and I know he was so nervous. He had the restaurant play his favorite artist, Adele, while he proposed.” The couple had a small, intimate wedding so they could save up for the soon-to-be transplant.

The love birds are recovering and have great plans for the future.

“The transplant went AMAZING. He really truly is my perfect match,” Reid tells us. The newlyweds are on the road to recovery and feeling the best they’ve ever felt. They can’t wait to go on adventures together and build their own home.

We want to get back into hiking, as that was something that was hard for me to do with dialysis and working 2 jobs before surgery,” he adds. The 2 are also planning to travel for their much-awaited honeymoon and we wish them the best of luck with their beautiful life ahead!

What’s the sweetest thing a stranger has done for you? Do you have any memorable dating app stories? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Reid Alexander / Facebook


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