Mayim Bialik Reveals Why She Got Her First Ever Cosmetic Treatment at 42

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Known for her intelligence and witty sense of humor, Mayim Bialik has won millions of hearts with her acting talent and natural beauty. Despite being in the spotlight for years, Bialik doesn’t like the idea of looking perfect. In fact, she admitted she doesn’t like beautifying at all and has only gotten one cosmetic treatment.

She never underwent any cosmetic procedures.

Although many celebrities choose to alter their faces to keep up with unrealistic beauty standards, the award-winning actress has always been against cosmetic surgery. “I have never had any elective procedure designed to improve one’s appearance,” she wrote. But as she turned 42, she couldn’t ignore signs of pigmentation that appeared on her face.

“After 40, my skin started getting more and more dark spots. Not freckles, which I love. Not moles, which I have many of and generally love. No. We’re talking weird dark spots around my eyes and upper cheeks,” she revealed.

Her makeup artist advised her to visit a dermatologist.

Bialik admits she only went to the dermatologist because her makeup artist was worried about her age spots.

“Linda, my makeup artist on The Big Bang Theory, has known me since I was 14. What Linda has noticed is that one layer of foundation used to cover my spots. This past year, one layer wasn’t cutting it. She gently and lovingly told me that while she knows I hate, hate, hate this stuff and I hate, hate, hate ’maintenance,’ and I hate, hate, hate paying money for beauty stuff, it was time,” the actress shared.

She didn’t like the idea of getting ’pampered’.

For many women, going to a beauty salon is a relaxing experience, but the idea of having a cosmetic procedure made Bialik feel anxious.

“I considered cancelling many times, including the morning of. I don’t like attention to my face. I don’t like pampering. I don’t like massages. Beautifying doesn’t feel good to me,” she admitted.

She says it’s not easy to get older.

i am wondering why someone as beautiful as you would ever consider cosmetic sugary or even make up?


The actress was satisfied with the experience and openly shared that getting older as a celebrity is especially challenging. “Everyone examining your wrinkles! Also, there is a lot of pressure in Hollywood to have procedures done and that can be hard,” she said.

Bialik shared a simple hack that helps her feel rejuvenated, and it doesn’t have anything to do with beauty treatments. “I started practicing [naps]. The sweet spot is really 20 minutes. But it’s my secret at work, I nap every day at lunch,” she shared.


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