Meet a 4-Year-Old Model With Down Syndrome Who Is Not Afraid to Be Herself

3 years ago

From walking confidently on ramps to gaining popularity every day, little Francesca may only be 4 years old, but she’s already making some big moves. Defying industry standards, this model with Down syndrome is winning hearts, one smile at a time.

Bright Side is in awe of Francesa and would like our followers to know her story.

Born to be a star!

From the very beginning, Francesca has been fascinated by the world of fashion and photography. When she was a mere toddler, she participated in a regional modeling competition and won the Best Junior Super Model contest and was the first toddler to do so in Malta.

For a 4-year-old, she’s already pretty famous.

Last year, Francesca Rausi walked the runway in a charity fashion show and left the audience enchanted with her charm and beautiful smile. The show was conducted to normalize models with disabilities and Francesa was spotted sharing the stage with Madeline Stuart, the world’s first supermodel with Down syndrome.

Her mom is super proud of her.

Just like Madeline, Francesca wishes to become a supermodel and her mother hopes to raise awareness for Down syndrome. In an interview with Metro, her mother revealed that Francesca can perform just as well as any child and feels really comfortable on the catwalk. She’s been on the runaway 5 times already.

She adds that whenever her daughter walks the catwalk, she can see evidence of happiness in her eyes and claims, “It’s out of this world.” Francesca aims to inspire other kids like her and to make people believe that they are beautiful in their own way. Besides modeling, Francesca loves ballet, going to the beach, and playing dress-up with her dolls.

Do you agree that everyone is beautiful in their own way and that beauty standards need to be redefined? What was your dream when you were 4 years old?


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Love this story good on her. She is adorable. Ok here in New Zealand, there was a kids show called 'You And Me' it was my favorite children's show and i always said to Mum, that i wanted to buy the 'house' and move into it when i was older. Even wanted to be best friends with the host (Suzy Cato) thought she was awesome still do. She is still around today making kids happy.


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