Meet the World’s Oldest Active Gymnast, 97, Who Has No Plans to Retire Anytime Soon

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Some people resist aging and carry on doing the things they enjoy. These people show that age is nothing more than a number. Like this elderly German woman who, in 2012, received the Guinness World Records title of The Oldest Gymnast.

A healthy mind in a healthy body is what Johanna Quaas, the oldest female gymnast in the world, does. It looks like she has paved the way to breaking all age limitations.

She was interested in gymnastics in her early childhood.

Johanna Quaas lives in Germany, and she used to be a physical education teacher at a local school. In 1934, at barely 9 years old, she took part in her first competition. She worked throughout the required social year after completing her education.

She recalls that she started doing gymnastics at a young age and that her parents taught her a lot about it. They weren’t gymnasts themselves, and since they had to move to different places, she had to stop performing.

She soon received the media’s attention.

Quaas’s numerous YouTube videos from the Turnier der Meister, which included her training, went viral and received millions of views in 2012 when she was 86 years old. Her story was covered by many German and international publications and TV networks. The same year (2012), Guinness World Records recognized and certified her with the title of World’s Oldest Gymnast.

She shared her secrets.

Talking about her secret to success, Quaas stated that it’s all about her very well-rounded, healthy diet. She makes sure not to eat too much or too little, and what’s important to her is eating plenty of greens. She proves that taking good care of her body is a must, and we couldn’t agree more.

Her incredible parallel bar tricks will continue to amaze everyone.

Quaas is often spotted wearing her distinctive green crushed velvet leotard as she executes the challenging routines on the parallel bars. Anyone who witnesses her amazing feats will be left speechless and in awe at what not very many young people can do nowadays.

Age limits? She never ever thought of that!

Even though she only does gymnastics twice a week, she still exercises for an hour every day, usually going for a walk or a swim. She has no health problems, and in an interview, she said, “I have no health worries at all. My body is trained to the point I can do all these exercises and movements comfortably.” She finished her speech by advising youngsters to find a sport that is best for them, whatever it may be, and to get started.

It’s never too late to shine, don’t you agree? Do you think age has anything to do with a healthy body?


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