Meet Miss Sparkles: The School Bus Driver Who Wants to Change the World and She’s Succeeding

2 months ago

Lori Brooks, known as “Miss Sparkles,” is a beloved school bus driver. She is celebrated for her unwavering kindness and dedication to the children on her route. Her impact extends beyond transportation; she serves as a cheerleader, surrogate mom, and trusted student advisor.

In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by Teresa Weakley, Lori’s genuine affection for the kids shines through. She welcomes each child with a warm hug and knows every student by name, even their parents’ names. She creates a warm and inclusive environment, making every child feel special.

Lori’s caring nature goes beyond the bus ride. Students confide in her, seeking advice and comfort when needed. She’s adept at reading their emotions and encourages them to open up. Lori’s dedication to her role extends to ensuring that students have everything they need, including their glasses for school.

Even in the face of personal tragedy, when Lori’s husband passed away in 2021, the families on her route rallied around her with meals and cards, a testament to the deep connections she’s forged. Lori’s infectious joy and her belief in the power of kindness have helped her heal, and in turn, she’s instilling these values in the children she serves.

Lori Brooks, or “Miss Sparkles,” exemplifies the idea that kindness is the cure for everything. Her commitment to making the world a better place, one child at a time, is a touching reminder of the impact one person’s love and compassion can have on a community.

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