Meet Simon and Leonardo, a Disabled Baby Cow and a Giant Tortoise Who Are Always There for Each Other

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Simon and Leonardo, a cow and a giant tortoise, went through hardships until they finally found each other. These 2 besties prove that happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, we just need to look at the bright side.

Leonardo the turtle lost his home when the zoo closed down.

Leonardo, an African-spurred tortoise, had no idea what was ahead of him when he was rescued from a zoo that was closing in Bangkok, Thailand. He arrived at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand in 2013. He went to the WFFT Rescue Center, and since being saved, Leonardo got used to and enjoyed life in the sanctuary, but things were about to get even better.

Simon the cow got caught in a tangle of vines.

In 2016, Simon was just a little calf. After becoming stuck in some vines, he ended up losing a leg. The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand saved him, took care of him, gave him a prosthetic leg, and transported him to their animal sanctuary. Simon had lost his leg, but he was about to gain a new best friend!

Soon, the baby cow met the giant tortoise.

Rescuers planned to introduce Simon to other bovines like him at the sanctuary. However, it appears Simon had other ideas. “We decided to house him temporarily in a large open field enclosure within the WFFT Rescue Center where he could recover from his ordeal,” WFFT wrote. “We had then planned to move him into a field where we house 2 other rescued cows.”

These 2 besties are often seen following each other around, sharing meals and resting together. The staff and the rest of the globe were delighted by their unexpected friendship. It draws attention to the close bond that true friends have and serves as a reminder that friendship is founded on inner traits rather than physical features or other superficial qualities.

“We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish,” WFFT stated. They make a beautiful pair and we wish them a long and happy journey together! You can also see them playing here.

What do you think about Simon and Leonardo? Will their unusual friendship last forever?


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