Men Reveal What Hair Color They Find Most Attractive and Why

3 years ago

One study found that the most favored combo by men is a brunette with blue eyes. However, it’s different for everyone, and your hair can say a lot about your personality, especially in men’s eyes. Surprisingly, some of them may even look at your hair first when deciding to ask you out.

We at Bright Side found out what hair color men like the most, and we want to share the reasons with you.

1. Men see blondes as adventurous.

Not many men are into blondes, contrary to what we might’ve thought. This is mostly because they think it looks unnatural on them, except when it’s their natural hair color, which is very rare (only 2% of the world’s population). Women with blonde hair are adventurers. Many different traits might be hidden behind their hair color.

  • “Bright-colored hair tends to add more light to the rest of the package, especially in natural sunlight. Men are visual creatures after all.”

  • “They seem easier to talk to for me. I don’t know why, but I can naturally get along with blonde hair-blue eyes better than brown hair-brown eyes.”

  • “I guess because pop stars are blond and 99% of them are pretty!”

  • “Since in most of the world, there are much fewer blondes than non-blondes, men find blondes more attractive.”

2. Women with brown hair are perceived as straightforward.

Brunette, chestnut, and other brown shades are some of the most preferred hair colors for men. Brunettes might be getting men’s attention because they give the impression of not being afraid to speak their mind; they are honest and truthful, but it also looks like a very natural color.

  • “I do ask out a lot of brunettes. I’m not sure why, but maybe because they have the same hair color as me?”
  • “I have and would date women of any hair color, but I prefer brunettes because I like darker colors; the darker, the better.”
  • “Maybe it’s because my mom is a brunette, so I think that a trustworthy woman is a brunette.”

3. Men think redheads are wild.

While red hair might not be as attractive to women, men love seeing women with red hair and a skin tone that goes perfectly with it. Natural red hair is the rarest of all and, usually, those who dye their hair red also show themselves as wild, outgoing, and expressive.

  • “I love redheads, I have no idea why, but my mom said it’s because my first babysitter when I was 2 had red hair.”
  • “Redheads. Especially when it’s a light/bright red, the way the sun hits it, and it just glows. OMG.”
  • “Most redheads I know are very sassy, but that could just be me.”

4. Women with black hair are open-minded.

Some men consider women with black hair the most attractive. Technically, black is the absence of all colors, which sometimes makes women appear as outside-the-box thinkers, open to new things, and able to see beyond what other people see.

  • “I am a blonde/blue-eyed guy and I’m mostly attracted to girls with dark hair. We have a proverb in Germany that says ’Opposites attract each other’. Well, it’s true, for me at least.”
  • “Love it when it is that really dark blue that you think is black until there’s direct light shining on the hair.”
  • “I just really like how black hair looks on pale skin.”

Do you dye your hair? Why? What hair color do you prefer? Is hair color important to you when choosing a partner?


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never liked my hair as they are and tried to change them.. then my bf told me how much he loves everything about my hair. So I stopped ever since and I realized that I do look good with my natural hair


I like red heads a lot, I think it's the most fun hair color, so bright 😍


Personally, I’m a dirty blond and I really like my hair color. Although I am adventurous I am incredibly straightforward too, lol. I love all hair colors though and it wouldn’t matter to me whatever hair color my partner had. Idk, which hair color is my favorite🤔


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